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Reminiscing of Days of Yore....

I've mentioned the last few times that I used to design and did the typesetting for many of the Chamber of Commerce brochures, etc. That wasn't my only job there. I also did the phones, answered and shipped mail to those that wanted to travel to our area of Colorado, did errands for my boss [loved that...the freedom of driving his fancy car!], set up meetings in the room where the photo is below. Ordered cakes, treats, made coffee, tea, etc. for those meetings, did mimeograph work, filed, anything when I wasn't working on the art. Here is a newspaper clipping of our small town's front page circa 1968. I am, of course, the one with the white arrow above the head. My boss was the one standing.  We had an annual banquet with guest speakers.  My most favorite was a renowned journalist of those days, one who covered so much, including JFK...I talked with him a good hour or so after the dinner, and was highly influenced by his knowledge of politics and government..

After the Storm...

Monday, July 27, 2020 The beaches remained closed. Mostly now, for cleanup of debris and repair work. In an interview of a fellow that owns/operates a restaurant right on the beach [at Bob Hall Pier, an icon for decades], he is quoted as saying that it wasn't a category ONE, but TWO when it made landfall at Padre Island near the pier. By the looks of the damage done on the pier and restaurant on Monday [what I could see], I'd have to agree. In fact, 20 miles away, at our home, the winds seemed to be stronger than 90 MPH, which is top speed for cat 1!! But, what do I know? I'm not the expert here. Anyway, the pier was literally torn to pieces, the area just feet away from the pier, covered picnic tables that have been there through many storms, were literally swept away this time, including much of the parking lot [washed out in chunks as big as city blocks!!]  The pier itself lost the very end into the Gulf, and the blocks of concrete that make the pier'

Shoreline/Ocean Drive Part II

Skyline from Oleander Point About 3-4 miles down the road, Shoreline Blvd turns into Ocean Drive. This is mainly one of the many ritzy residential areas, altho the closer you get to the island campus for A and M University, there are apartment complexes, and hotels along with offices for doctors, etc.  But, I didn't plan on going any further than another roadside park to climb down the embankment to search for sea glass. I found one blue piece, very small, but the views from the shore were fantastic...the water so sparkling and that made me almost forget how hot it was!  From the car, driving to Oleander Point [part of Cole Park], this church fills the skyline.  The street curves just beyond the church entrance and a slight incline to one of the many, many hospitals here in town.  Beyond the hospital, the small area parks begin... My park of choice for the day, as I said, was Oleander Point. Once out of the car after parking under a huge palm tree for shade, I snapped the f

Along Shoreline/Ocean Drive...Part I

Hurricane Hanna is now in the past, making landfall south of Corpus Christi. We had high winds, lots of rain, and threatened with tornadoes. The worst was, electricity went out & stayed out for a day and a half. Once the power was restored, I was again a happy camper. As you know if you follow me somewhat, I try to get my morning walk each day [some days are skipped, but I try]. And I sit early in the morning, before I leave the house,trying to figure out where to go for a different scene and little to no people out and about at that hour for virus issues. Recently, I took a leisurely stroll along the downtown area, on Shoreline Blvd. Part Culture such as art centers, entertainment venues, the yacht club, a park like median between the four lanes of traffic. One side going south on Shoreline is the motel/hotel and restaurants, while the seaside is the culture, parks and seawall. As I said in between the traffic lanes, there is a green belt so to, I walked