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Tumultuous...Disorderly...and a Bit Confusing

This past week has been a turmoil in our quiet neighborhood. From across the street, to down the street, to ON the street!! First, across the street . I don't know what it was all about, and I don't WANNA KNOW what it was all about, but around 2:30 one morning, I was awakened by my bedroom lighted up and walls flashing red, blue, and white. I knew something was up. ...the 1st amendment of the constitution tells us we're okay with our stand to protect ourselves.  Some day it may be a necessity, so you may understand where I'm going with that statement.  Or should I take cover on the floor? It seemed very quiet out there beyond our exterior walls. So, instead, I grabbed my cellphone and switched on the flashlight software to guide me thru the darkened house, thru the kitchen and into the garage. There I shut off the phone's flashlight and crept to the garage door, hoping to not trip over anything and make noise... and I peeked through the window. The street l

Country Roads...Take Me Home

A day trippin' road trip was in store for me the other day. I decided to take a drive along the desolate county roads again to get out of the house and still be 'quarantined' inside the car all the time. I had in mind maybe seeing some hawks or the like, but to my surprise, I sighted two very elusive bird species I haven't seen in decades. Or at least so it seems. Yes, it has been a long time since I saw either. And they were both spotted within 10 minutes of each other, and on the same gravel road. I was excited to see them, and even MORE excited to get some good photos of them...they are both very skittish and swift to disappear from sight. Most times, even before anyone has a chance to get the camera's viewfinder up to start focusing in on them. I will have photos of both birds [and others] shared this week on my bird photo blog...I'd Rather B Birdin'. Just click on the link above the photo at the top of Hootin' Anni's. In the meant

Am I Blue...more humor?

Staying closer to home more these past few days, it entails getting out the cleaning equipment...and dusting! These are sitting atop the entertainment center by the front window. The glass, I admit, is very pretty during the late Spring and early Summer when the sun is farthest north; coming through the window. But, when you sit on the couch, crocheting, you tend to notice more dust accumulation.  So, eventually, out comes the windex and liquid gold. [the first single image with the sail boat is a 1950 glass that has been my 'milk glass' for decades.]  The last time my sister was here, she saw it and said "I see you still have your milk glass".  Bud was tongue tied, he thought I was just babbling on to hear myself talk all this time.... My one and only blue carnival glass bowl.   They are collector's items for many!   I have a few pink carnival glass, and several white, but only one blue.  It's a treasure to me. * -- *  -- * More humor? 1] I do

Due to Coronavirus -Closed!

Just like my other blog states in its name... I'd Rather B Birdin'.  Listening to the local news at 6pm when we eat dinner off TV trays in front of the TV, the coronavirus cases in our county are sky-rocketing [269 jumping to over 600 in a week's time]. They are considering going back to phase I. I haven't heard what the governor of Texas has stated, OR our county district judge has implemented -or not implemented. I got this brilliant idea...I told Bud: "I'm going to go to Kingsville Texas...that county [Kleberg] only has 26 cases. I will be out in their park, more or less out of harm's way!" So, I stop at Bishop Texas on the way. Walk the perimeter of their park's lake. Getting hot, and very few birds, I decided to get back in the car and drive to Kingsville from there...a short, less than 10 mile, drive from Bishop. I get off the interstate at the given exit to the park, drive slowly down hill for a way and turn the blind cur

Laughing Out Loud [At my own jokes?] Is Anybody With Me Here?

If you've followed me within the last couple of years, you know I'm a baseball fan. Sadly, by the way things are going with the talks of the baseball league and the players coming in contact and active cases reported of the coronavirus, it's doubtful there will even BE a season this year. At one time the talks were for a shortened season, but now...nada, zilch, nothing. I wish that weren't true. I love the game, the crack of the ball as it makes contact with the bat...the players enthusiasm, the fans, the home runs, the double plays, close games in score, etc.   I don't even mind the rules being broken and the cheating involved as was the case last year...I can't help but say, "It's been going on long before 2019!!"  Why even now, with day 114 of shelter in place [even tho I do go out for exercise, it's not the same freedom...I feel too confined still], I find myself tuning into FOX Sports on Saturday for their broadcast of Baseball Clas

Come around thru the Gate to our Yard...

As I type this up for pre-scheduled posting, it's a dark and stormy day! Earlier, we had buckets of rainfall. The thunder is still rumbling in the distance, and the sky is black on the horizon. I was sure the power would be off any minute, but it never went off. Which was surprising. What is more surprising is the weatherman the night before -his forecast- was humid but dry [meaning no rain. Ha. I wish I would've continued my college education and majored in meteorology....90% of the time wrong, and still get paid a six figure income! [jk] Anyway, I am using my laptop in case the electricity goes out still, and will share my photos from the other day. A trip around the piece of property we call home.... ...a little bit of our back yard: Top left to bottom right:  1-cement bird bath I use for bird seed [the water pump is real, but only for decoration]  2-off the patio, the feeder station 3-my pelican island [and ducks] with crepe myrtle and indoor palm.  4-our