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Ella Phantz-Gerald on a day out....

She begged to go along with me!! I wasn't sure if it was wise for her to be out and about because of her long snout and the virus spreading thru the droplets of humans into the nasal cavities!! But, she convinced me being protected in the car, she was safe...We took a long drive on the ranch land the other day! We did some birding; Ella was elated to use her own set of binoculars for viewing. Bud stayed home...he didn't want to be caught with an elephant in the car if we were stopped for being out and about; just driving.  We weren't with anyone else, so we weren't going against the rules set by the Texas Governor.  The two of US figured it was best without Bud complaining anyway.  We saw not only hawks, kestrels, doves, red-winged blackbirds, sandpipers, killdeer, cardinals, not forgetting farmers working their land for crops, meadowlarks, shrikes and sparrows.  We spotted a couple of species I haven't seen in a few years, so that was exciting for me. A pair of Roadrunners ran across the gravel road in front of the car [by the time I realized they were roadrunners, they were in the barrow ditch and out of sight of the one with the camera]. And the elusive, ever-so-hard-to-find because of the camouflaged plumage...the Upland Sandpipers. We saw two in a newly plowed field before they flew off. By that time, Ella was getting bored and she climbed into the back seat and snoozed the rest of the way home.  Party-pooper!  The next day of staying at home, she helped us work a bit on the jigsaw puzzle we have set up.  I guess that was more her fortĂ©.

PS...don't forget to take a bit of fun with our national "Lock Up and Staying Inside" along with the Scavenger Hunt...the link to the hunt items to be found is at the top of my blog!!  Y'all have until the 15th of April before it's closed down.  We have a few participating, and they're doing a bang up job of it!!  Come see.


  1. Hello, I think we all have to get out for some fresh air and sunshine. Ella probably enjoyed the car ride. Take care, wishing you a happy weekend!

  2. what a super idea to leave hubby home and take Ella with you... she can't talk! ha ha or tell us how to drive, or where to go, or moan about how much longer etc... I may buy me one. I might back the car out, turn it facing the street and sit in it and watch the cars go by.. that is how I feel right now.. anything out of the house. wish I had a She Shed... with wifi

  3. Ella was a brilliant idea. She probably didn't talk much, either. You are always coming up with something interesting, like that scavenger hunt. I'm not much of a player, but I enjoy seeing what others come up with. :-)

  4. *haha* Hi Ella!!! **waving** So glad you got the chance to get out a bit and go birding! :-) Love, Andrea xoxo

  5. Yes! Ella was the perfect companion to take a ride and see all of those birds! And..she doesn't talk back and doesn't eat much either. (I talk to Wiley all of the time here")

  6. Great idea taking Ella out for a drive and a bit of fresh air.
    You could enjoy a nice drive and a silent partner to keep you companyđŸŒ·

  7. Ella was a great walking buddy and she doesn't have to stop to read pee mail in every blade of grass.
    My Scavenger post will air mid night Sunday April 10. I link up before bedtime
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. She might be the perfect traveling companion. Quiet, agreeable and doesn't need frequent pee stops.

  9. I love it! Ella makes the best travel companion, because I am sure she is not a back seat driver.

  10. I'm guessing that Ella didn't talk your ears off during the ride. LOL

  11. Who better to take for a drive than Ella. Sounds like the two of you had an excellent day

  12. I am needing a drive, too....and may eventually take off for a day.



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