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Anyone up for a good Yarn?

I couldn't take any more reading!  Another puzzle is sitting on the puzzle table ready to begin [we have the borders done] The yard work can be there for another day! The house is as clean as I want. Well, not really 'clean' clean, but it's not dirty or cluttered from my point of view, so it's okay. I made a pot of meatless chili that will feed us for three days. I took a drive to the ranch yesterday. And on the way home, I donned my mask and went into the store and bought yarn! I've been thinking of crocheting an afghan for some time now, in order to break up the monotony of staying home. After I bought the yarn, I then got in my storage area and looked for one particular pattern I had in mind. I went thru piles of crochet books. It took me a good hour to finally find it. The one pattern I looked for is old...probably about 50 years ago I bought the magazine [I made my mother this many decades ago and I don't know what happened to it.] I plan on tweaking the pattern some to not have it such an 'open weave'.

By the way, the Walmart I went into to get the yarn is now limiting the number of people inside at a time. It's a huge super center Walmart. At the entry door, the employee has a tablet/computer, and when one shopper exits, they allow one other inside. Still no toilet paper there [I don't need it], but it seemed all other shelves are stocked. Except for the liquid antibacterial soap for our dispensers. [don't need that either...I found and bought two very large containers of it over the weekend].


  1. they are limiting people in our WM's also.. they are huge superstores, she told me 1000 can be inside, when it gets to that they let one in as one leaves.. some stores up north are smaller and have very small limits. home depot is limiting also... per a friend that shopped there... crochet will be good for a break from reading and puzzles.. have fun. can't wait to see it...

  2. Hello, looks like the yarn will keep you busy for awhile. Take care, wishing you a happy day!

  3. I got my wool out this morning to start a bit of crochet... I think we have the same colours...
    Keeping busy is the key to getting through this season of isolation. I look forward to seeing what you are making...
    Stay safe and well
    Phoebe x

  4. Anni what beautiful colors you selected. I look forward to watching your project grow.
    As for clean..I got a chuckle. My office/sewing/exercise room just got a good cleaning. It was overdue. Clean the baseboards, vacuumed then mopped. I call myself done for the day with chores.
    Oh a cleaned and re filled the hummingbird feeder. We really don't get things too cluttered but that dust finds its way in.
    Hugs cecilia

  5. I'll be looking forward to your new crochet project. Those are great colors! Were others in the store wearing masks? In our little grocery store all were, and even the staff.

  6. Yes, I've heard that our Walmart is limiting people as well. I don't know how many but hubby told me he read about it in the newspaper. The colors of your yarn are so bright and beautiful. Can't wait to see as you progress with it. Love, Andrea xoxo

  7. Have a great time being creative.
    Your yarn made a nice photo, too.
    Going to any store is like a treasure or scavenger hunt :)

    Stay Safe 🌷

  8. Times like these or power outages I regret not taking up knitting or crocheting. I went to Walmart Tues for senior time and finally got some toilet paper. Feeling comfortable now.

  9. I only go to our local community food co-op or to Fred Meyer, which is owned (I think) by Kroger's. These days I'm spending almost every day going exactly nowhere. :-)

  10. The photo of your yarn sure makes a pretty picture. My daughter-in-law's mother made us masks but haven't put them into use yet as I haven't been out of the house since she gave them to us. Glad you're keeping busy and healthy.

  11. All stores here in KY are limited. I can find most groceries, but have to wait a week if I want a Kroger pick up order, now. Stay well.

  12. The yarn is so pretty! I hope you show us your progress on the afghan. Glad you have everything you need!

  13. They are limiting people at Walmart here too. I refuse to stand in line to go in a store. Pretty colors on the yarn. HOpe you'll show us the completed afghan. I haven't crocheted anything in a long time. Maybe I should dig my hooks out.

  14. Hi thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. : )
    Lots of pretty colors for your afghan. That should keep you busy for a while.

  15. At least you killed another hour...not that I am having that much problem with staying home. I will be waiting to see the afghan you make...

  16. Have fun with that new project. The colors are bright and cheery.

  17. All the stores are limiting people here too.
    I like the colors of your yarn!

  18. I'd like to see what pattern you will be using. I've not been off this property in 30 days now so I don't know what stores are like. I am working on getting back into crocheting the mandala I started awhile back and had to take out a row because of a mistake. Crocheting is a good project to work on. Happy Crocheting ~ FlowerLady



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