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The Hills are Alive....

After I left Pollywog Ponds I took the ramp to travel about a mile before my turn to head into Calallen, Texas and then over to the county park for more birding and walking the trail system there. I happened to look at the open incline that drops down onto the interstate highway and noticed a field of blue. The bluebonnets were in full bloom! I was shocked actually, 'cause it's kinda early in the season for them to be flowering. [taking the interstate home, on the OTHER side, the bluebonnets were not must be because the warm sun shines on them across the road longer!]. Anyway, I pulled off onto a driveway of a small business and parked to cross the road and take pictures for the first of the season blossoms!!  The bluebonnet is Texas's state flower, and they are very popular; making the news each year when they bloom.  I like them very much, mainly 'cause they are the only true, rich, deep blue flower around my area  [the plumbago is supposedly a light, powder, blue, but ours looks more lavender to me].

Also note:  The Texas bluebonnet is only found in the state of Texas; no where else in the world has this species of lupine.   From this site:
    The early-day Spanish priests gathered the seeds and grew them around their missions, which gave rise to the myth that the padres had brought the plant from Spain, however this can’t be true since the two predominant species of bluebonnets are found growing naturally only in Texas and at no other location in the world.


  1. They are really pretty and such a gorgeous shade of blue

    1. They truly are pretty along the highways & biways.

  2. Hello, the bluebonnets are beautiful. What a lovely color. Wishing you a great day!

  3. How beautiful these photos of Bluebonnets are!
    How cheerful the color blue can be.
    Thank you for sharing their loveliness with us today~

  4. each time you and Linda share photos of Texas flowers, these bluebonnets and others, I long to see a field of them. I never have. the only field of flowers I have seen is impatiens in my uncles field in Savanah GA.... wild impatiens

  5. Sorry they don't grow elsewhere for they sure are pretty. I think they would look great in Arkansas but alas alack. Enjoy your state treasure.

  6. I love bluebonnets and didn't know they only grow in Texas. And it sure does seem early to me, too. Thanks for giving me such great eye candy to start my day. :-)

  7. Your beautiful bluebonnet images are impressive. Do honey bees visit them?

  8. Thank you--I needed this. I always look forward to seeing the bluebonnets...they are just so beautiful! I was sure surprised to see them. I bet it is that they do get sun, plus the road maybe holds heat.

  9. Actual blooms! They are so pretty. I am ready for spring...

  10. They are truly beautiful and such a lovely blue.

  11. Wow Anni! These are just gorgeous. I wish they grew around here.

  12. I adore Bluebonnets! I am so glad I came back in time to see this post!! So gorgeous!! And EARLY!

  13. I don't know if what I have seen were bluebonnets (photos) but they sure are pretty - only in Texas - see you learn something new every single day.



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