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West Guth Park

Early this week, I decided to go to West Guth Park for a change. Here, a bond issue was passed a couple of years ago for improvement, and I tell you, anyone that has a typical stride while walking can easily get the cardiologist preferred 10,000 steps. And it's hilly so a good workout at the same time. The sky couldn't make up its mind to clear off or remain cloudy. So, I looked up a lot to check what lay in store for weather, while I was accumulating my step count.  Before I got a good start with my walk, the high school that is nearby, up one of the hills, was just beginning their day.  Over the intercom [heard outdoors also] I was pledging allegiance along with the students.  Then, out came the track and field team, working out with their gym clothes on. Looking up...I watched the clouds, yes, and the sunrise, but I also became fixated with the tree silhouettes while finding many different species of birds to photograph. I apologize right now for so many tree bran

Come to My Window....

Image photos off the cellphone: from our back door window to the patio outside one of three of the dining room windows [off the patio] thru the back door window...across the patio outside our garage door windows outside our guest bedroom window outside the library window outside the dining room bay window Spring is here in the Coastal Bend! The Pomegranate Tree is budding outside the guest bedroom window Yucca outside the guest bedroom window In South Texas, this is my favorite time of year!!

He Was Caught...Tweeting?

Saturday, all day, along the Coastal Bend of Texas, it was the annual Whooping Crane Festival. Of course, the biggest draw of the birding crowds is the Crane, but ALL birding hotspots were crowded. At Port Arnasas, it was a special spot this past weekend. There was another rare sighting [not the hawk previously mentioned in another post]. And, it was just 30 miles from home. After finishing my weekly laundry, I headed out. When I arrived at the refuge, it was like a scene from the popular movie, "The Big Year"!! No place to park, and people everywhere. To make a long story short, the bird was spotted again by dozens of birders and the sound of camera shutter buttons echoed through the air. Altho, where it landed after a fly-over it wasn't a good spot for photographers. Too many objects obstructing its body. Oh well. But, I did enjoy watching the rounds of 'debates' with a pair of Snowy Egrets. I can't say there was a winner crowned champion. 

I Like Mine "Rare"...

Again, it was a cold, miserable, windy, dreary day. No place to go, nothing to do. I laid down on the couch and read 'til I was more bored, and said to Bud: "There was a rare hawk spotted out on 'the ranch' this week. Do you wanna go for a drive and see if we can find it?" He got up from his warm spot on the other couch...he too was he cornered the arm of the settee, he replied: "It's probably gone to another section of the state by now, but it's something to do." I got up and changed into more layers of clothing in case we had to walk home or something [I'm always catastrophizing, remember? Bud is the compulsive one...we make a good pair of misfits], and by that time Bud and I were in the garage, he grabbing his binoculars hanging on the garage wall hook. You know, the ones he uses to spy on the neighbors watch birds in the pecan tree in the front yard? We were off! After driving the expressway out of town and con

...and "Bears"! Oh My!

I'll get to the part of seeing a bear in a bit.  But first, a bit of an intro to my morning walk.... When I left home to drive to the islands  the sky above was overcast...gray and high cloud cover. By the time I twisted around from Park Road 22 to Hwy 361, it became foggy! And it was foggy all morning. In fact it was soupier by the time I left three hours later. This is what I saw: ...looking across the pond [look closer, upper center; the white along the reed] and then zooming in -White Pelicans. And off to my left, in the pasture land, more white pelicans [at quite a distance, showing another zoomed in photo] Both alligators, Boots and Bags, were out in the open today. And just a few feet away from the boardwalk! Again, I used the zoom lens. Was he [Boots] watching me? ...leaving this area where the gators were, I walked across the refuge's street and found the mudflats were dried out, so I walked across the flats, going way back yonder to the open ponds