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Silent, Broken, yet....Finding Inner Strengths

Monday morning, early.  DENSE FOG.  I'm not going anywhere for now, so at the computer I sit...

All these sketches I share today are drawn from memory...or what was on my mind at the time. No photo guides on either....

This first one, is a copied one of the original...our daughter, Irene, has the pencil sketch from my work...I sketched on the back of a magazine during our grandson's open heart surgery.  He was born with Downs and at 5 months of age he went through a multiple hour operation to repair his defective heart.  I also wrote a poem during the waiting period.   There will be more on this sketch below all drawings shared... The 2nd sketch is of my parents...circa late 1970s-early 1980s.

This first one was a work of what I was feeling when I found out [1969] that my high school sweetheart had been KIA in Viet Nam [it's a conglomeration of many...a map of Viet Nam, a tearful friend, a  soldier, a flag of each country, helicopter, tank, military foot garb - and the brick wall is to depict that when I found out it was like being hit with a ton of bricks!!].  I was truly war-torn at the loss of a sweet guy...He was 21.  The 2nd one I titled Crown of Thorns.

This last one was during the Obama Inauguration Ceremony...When the TV camera panned through the crowd, this lady was so calm, yet the lone tear falling from her cheek hit my heart strings.  I had to try and draw her from memory.  I still, to this day, can see her was a day of history that will live on forever.  With this woman and her in mind,  I titled this one "Thank God Almighty..."

* * *

Coming back to my sketch of Clint, my grandson...
first, this is a screen shot [70%] of a blog post from long ago:

...and the poem I composed during his operation:

[this was written in the hospital waiting room, on a magazine cover, during our grandson's open heart surgery - at 5 months of age. And the image above is my own graphic. The face in the clouds is actually Clint! Superimposed from a pencil sketch of mine of him.]

...and the poetry written that day:

© Hootin' Anni

I think the sky ends in your heart
so you've captured mine.
With twilight's purples, pinks, and gold...
The knowledge now that which I cast
what tokens I hold.

As the sun, you're glowing, alive and fresh.
Stars, you sparkle and shine.
Like the moon, you're stately, powerful, bright.
Clouds, you're tender and fine.
Your dark storms' furies: Natural passion is God's will.

The mystical horizon, the inner light...our existences entwine.
I think the sky ends in your heart Clint,
And so, you've captured mine.

One more note: After the successful operation was over, the pediatricians and surgery specialists gave Irene, and us...a 5 year life span expectancy for Clint. He is now 31 years of age, in May.


  1. Wow those are inctedible!

  2. You are talented. Beautiful sketches.

  3. These are wonderful. The second one down on the left sure holds a lot of sad memories. Love the poem you wrote and I'm so happy to hear that Clints doctors were very wrong in their prognosis

  4. Beautiful sketches. The one about the war and your highschool sweetheart is so touching. So is the poem about Clint. I'm so happy to hear he is now 31!

    1. I find myself thinking about him often. Thanks Mari

  5. Hello, Love the sketches and the poem about Clint. Very touching. Enjoy your day, wishing you a good week ahead.

  6. These are beautiful. It's amazing what we don't know about science, and the miracles of life. A lovely poem.

  7. I am so glad you told us what happened with Clint. It just goes to show that doctors do their best but really are not in charge. You are so talented in so many ways, Anni. Thanks for giving my day a wonderful start. :-)

  8. This post is both beautiful and personal with the nice ending. You have been given special talent to be able to sketch and write so beautifully. Thank you for sharing. I understand you with every word, every sketch.

  9. Clint is your own miracle. I can only imagine the emotions that churned while you waited and that brought the drawing and the poem.. the lady with the tear at the inauguration is wonderful. all of your drawings are full of emotions today. especially the collage of your thoughts from your friend KIA... heart strings are plucked in your post today

    1. We have been known to call him that. Thanks Sandra

  10. That poem is beautiful! As always your sketches are wonderful. So sorry your friend was killed in Vietnam. A friend of my brothers was killed there and one of my brothers still talks about it sometimes.

  11. So sorry about your loss during the war. I hate the war keeps young men from becoming old men.
    The poem to Clint is wonderful and so is the news that he ignored the doctor's predictions.

    1. Wars accomplish nothing IMHO...but death of innocents. (At least countrymen who fight) But, there is bravery. So, I have mixed feelings. Thanks Patti

  12. I am in tears now over your happy ending!!! How wonderful! My favorite thing here is your poem, I love everything about it. Especially the way you repeated the first line at the end again. I have to say that I like it when it rains there, because then you share your beautiful art and stories of your life. I think my favorite drawing is the lady at the inauguration.

  13. Thank you for such an amazing post from your heart, and even more wonderful is that the five year sentence was wrong and that he's in his 30's. Bless his heart and may he live on much longer yet!

  14. You are a lady of many talents. Now I know what happened to mine, the good Lord gave them to you.

    1. We're all talented in our own way. Thanks LV

  15. Lovely drawings! The sketch of the baby is so sweet! Beautiful poem. You've been so blessed as I have with a child that is a miracle! God bless you all!

  16. Whoa, powerful post, you are an artist and a poet. Thank you for this.

  17. Amazing sketches. It is so great to hear that your grandson way outlived what the doctors thought.

    1. I personally think that Clint has a connection from above, that only he knows. Thanks Ruth

  18. This is such a touching post, but a wonderful one, too! I am so glad you posted the happy ending. Your talents seem to have no end! The poem is wonderful!

  19. Anni your words and pictures and drawings have always left me in awe of all your talent...
    Today's post and goodness Clint surely is your miracle from God just like your talents.
    Hugs Cecilia and Thank you

  20. That is a huge talent to be able to draw from memory. I have trouble even using a live or photographic subject to work from. - Margy



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