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A Morning Trek along the Bay

I didn't feel like driving the 30 miles across the channel waters and causeway to the island highway early one morning, so I decided to drive a short distance to Oso Bay and walk the trails there in the wetlands. In order to get to the wetlands, I have to walk through the chaparral country....cactus, mesquite trees; a desert area. At times during my walk through the arid section, the clouds were forming, then clearing, then building up again. The morning weather was fickle. I wasn't sure whether to continue to the bay and observation platform or turn around before I got soaked by rainfall. Park maintenance crews have been busy since the last time I was the trails [miles of paths meandering throughout] as you can see the newly laid surface with the darker soil mix. With heavy rainstorms, I imagine a lot of this takes place because it would wash out and make the trails difficult to traverse [it's a pedestrian trail system bikes or m

Silent, Broken, yet....Finding Inner Strengths

Monday morning, early.  DENSE FOG.  I'm not going anywhere for now, so at the computer I sit... All these sketches I share today are drawn from memory...or what was on my mind at the time. No photo guides on either.... This first one, is a copied one of the original...our daughter, Irene, has the pencil sketch from my work...I sketched on the back of a magazine during our grandson's open heart surgery.  He was born with Downs and at 5 months of age he went through a multiple hour operation to repair his defective heart.  I also wrote a poem during the waiting period.   There will be more on this sketch below all drawings shared... The 2nd sketch is of my parents...circa late 1970s-early 1980s. This first one was a work of what I was feeling when I found out [1969] that my high school sweetheart had been KIA in Viet Nam [it's a conglomeration of many...a map of Viet Nam, a tearful friend, a  soldier, a flag of each country, helicopter, tank, military foot garb

Weekend Morning Scenes...

Along the 3 mile trail at Indian Point Park, near the Corpus Christi's North Bay, I saw these scenic views Saturday morning. The trail, the observation decks, the  pier, the tidal pools, the Gulf, a grandfather and grandson fishing, a tanker, and the early morning light.... [note:  there is a ship on the water in the last photo in the above series  also...enlarge it, on the horizon just off center] late afternoon, it was raining heavily. Again.

Math Lesson & Ingrid and Her Bridge...

Friday morning I found myself driving to the islands, as you can see the lighted sign "The Island" as the driver drops down off the JFK Causeway. For the morning hour, it was chilly with a light breeze blowing once arriving at Port Aransas. I was thrilled to be doing something other than sitting on my rear, reading a book at home. I made it a point to check out the two birding refuges. At both I was alone because of the early time of day. I like being alone with the birds waking up and becoming active. Soon, other birders joined me in my reverie, and a Winter Texan started conversing with me standing at my side. He likes birding [his wife doesn't....I like birding, Bud, not so much.  Altho he will come with me occasionally.]. We talked on many different subjects pertaining to birds/birding. We agreed that the best movie out there of this specific interest was  the one I've mentioned here several times... THE BIG YEAR [Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wil

Google Maps Email Alert [and more stuff]

A few days ago, I received this email from Google Maps....a couple of my photos have been viewed on Google Maps over 100,000 times! -first one: 136,535 times the 2nd one: 7,971 times. Whoa! The last time I heard from Google was when one reached 50,000 hits.  Both photos are of the same area...a bird refuge near Brownsville/McAllen Texas area. BUT!! Is this a scam? Phishing? Is it legit? I don't advised and on alert! This image is a screen shot...I did NOT click any links. And, I'm looking into it. Be aware. * * * Now, for the "More stuff" I haven't had much opportunity for use of my lensball lately. But sometimes, if my pockets are deep enough, I will take it on walks occasionally. Lately, as I've stated, the weather and colors of our dreary winter months isn't too good for lensball photography. But, one morning, out along Oso Bay, the sky was gray and dappled. As I sat at the bench, viewing through my binoculars for crane