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12 months of Nature in 2019...

Once again, from my monthly recordings...a review of the past year. And again, the frame used was before I revamped my blog look. I think this is the last of my images that have the old framing. Early sun on the bay Toadstools after a week of rain Raw Copper from Tucson AZ mine  [in our  yard....we bought it while on a tour of a copper mine when living in Tucson, and moved it here with us!!]  After all, copper costs a pretty penny!!!! Cypress Tree seed pods White Tailed Dear [and white in the background bushes...egrets] Turtle at Lakeview Park Dolphins in front of the ship's bow Coral Wiley Coyote on the beach Autumn Splendor on a Nature Trail Passionflower seed pod with dew drop Coral Beans

Say Toy Yoda...

Are you one of those that has caught onto the Baby Yoda craze that is supposedly [according to a lot of websites -news and personal] sweeping the world with love and now the anticipation of Disney coming out this Spring with toys? I read where some woman was under a copyright infringement and Disney made her stop what she was doing or face a lawsuit? She had a really cute crocheted baby Yoda , and was selling the pattern which, most definitely breaks copyright laws. Then, just this last week, a bar created a Baby Yoda cocktail ...a margarita-like alcoholic drink...the glass was draped in a brown napkin for 'his' costume [tied with a small jute string at the waist], dark cherries for the eyes, margarita inside the goblet and lime slices for the is a close likeness, why isn't he under the same lawsuit? He too is making money from his creation? Guess Disney can't fight ALL the bars around the globe. Who knows. Double standards.  Technically, th

Birding Texas 101

Y'all know by now, that when I take my day trippin' travels and share photos, my main purpose is to head to my destination to tally my steps for the day and to take in some birding. Well, over the last year, I have taken, literally, tens of thousands of photos of birds. Some, I have shared on my bird photo blog, while others,  saving them for record keeping. My record keeping is just that...each photo is dated, so when I go back into my archived folders, I know which birds are in my area in that month. Some migrate of course, while most are year 'round residents of South Texas. I thought I'd take one photo from each month's photo record and publish them on Day Trippin' for a change of pace. These frames were added before I changed the template, eliminating my blog's sidebar, and redesigned the frame to a simpler one. [I also have chosen twelve for 'nature' of each month in 2019 to be published at a later date]. Here goes. Birds for the mo

“What’s to-day, my fine fellow?” said Scrooge
“To-day!” replied the boy... “Why, Christmas Day.”
“It’s Christmas Day!” said Scrooge to himself

“I haven’t missed it.”

Card from my sister... Blog Title Quote: Charles Dickens... A CHRISTMAS CAROL Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night! Love, Anni and Bud I began blogging on this blog 10 years ago on Christmas Day!!!  Here was my first post

Country Roads III

Yesterday, with the comment conversations, there was concern with the wind generators killing birds.  At first, when they started showing up all over in our area, I TOO was concerned for the bird populations.  Now that I have watched the generators for decades, and the span between the blades AND the rotation speed deaths of birds and the gap/speed makes it nearly impossible ...perhaps probable, being the case 'accidents do happen'...birds make mistakes also...just as driving down the highway and you hit a bird!!  Now, I had to go out online to see for myself:  According to this study, cats kill more birds than wind generators.  Read it yourself .  Natural predators kill more; being a bird lover that I am, I think the generators are of least concern.  This is my own opinion. AND the unknown piece of equipment in the field was revealed.  2 gators, Gina, told me it was part of a pump jack...part of an oil well.  Thanks Gina. - - - - The last of my country roads take me

Country Roads II

 *  Sandra informed me that some comments are not going through with Blogger, and I am hoping by changing the format here, from embedded to pop-up comment form will eliminate the problem until the staff at Blogger fixes the issue. I'm taking you around the outskirts of the city and beyond, on a county road, come see what I see... Among the trees on this ranch land, a water windmill... ...along the ditches, coming up on culverts that are under the ranch road lanes, I slow down to check out the culvert openings for burrowing owls that are diurnal [active in daylight].  On this particular morning, some beautiful Autumn art... ...On a back road in early December just off Copano Bay , among the Live Oak Trees, white tailed deer... I hafta be honest here, I haven't an inkling what this is!  Perhaps a gas line of some sort? Or water main?  It's just off the road and sometimes a hawk will land on it [it's about 6 feet off the ground at the top]. 

Country Roads...

Oftentimes I find myself taking a country road to find hawks and perhaps a chance to find an owl along the ditches and near the old abandoned buildings just off the road a short distance. Of course the direction I go takes me through farm lands and ranch lands. Mostly cotton farms and cattle ranges. I do take photos of what I see sometimes when the road is empty of farm equipment and other vehicles. In some areas in the country around here if the rainy season remains, the land is covered in greenery.  Some years the trees are evergreen.  While in other parts, where the land is more parched with lack of rainfall, it's more what I'd consider wintry landscape.  Sometimes I see lakes in the distance... ...other times, hills to climb Maybe some hilly pastures... ...or plenty of what Texas is known for:  Cattle Ranches ...then, in the fields, up pops a Falcon Box: what some falcons use to breed and raise their brood.  On this particu