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I'm not KITTEN you none....

...from all of us in the Coastal Bend, have a joyful holiday and special week! While I will be enjoying the mashed purrtatoes and gravy along with the rest of the ol' folks here in South Texas, I want to let you know that Anni Bud and my Best Furend Furever, Erik, will be on a blogging break and Anni will pawsibly return after the Furst of December sometime.  Just an afterthought so you can keep me in mind fur the day... Puss n Boots Kibbles and Bits Whiskas and Tails... Love and Purrzzzz .... Luke Skywhisker ...aka Isaiah =/\•.•/\=

Ranch Hand Breakfast

Main House On the Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving, The world wide famous King's Ranch holds their annual genuine [authentic] Cowboy's Ranch Hand Breakfast. People from near by and far away come to eat the food prepared as they have for many many decades [for the workers and ranch hands, maybe a hundred years or close, I don't know]. Bud and I try to attend. Some years we've missed out. This weekend [Saturday, November 23rd] we were debating to go. The weather wasn't all that super. Damp and only 52° F...cloudy and in Corpus, threatening rain. The breakfast begins at 7 in the morning, and it's an outdoor event . Inclement weather is a factor for us going or not. By 8:30 a.m. we thought maybe we'd chance it. So in a short while we were out the door and on the highway.  The sky was clearing.  They stop serving at 11 a.m. And, we are about 40 minutes from Kingsville, Texas. When we arrived, the line of cars entering the ranch land was stop and go, at

...and Another!

...and, I DID make a snowman gnome! With my added postscript in the previous post , I did get a snowman top hat tree topper at Walmart and quickly added another to the upcoming holiday decor in Hootin' Anni's abode. I did the same steps in creating the cute little booger as I did with the Santa gnome: White wig, partially stuffed into the hat's opening, a wooden ball nose and there you have it... this particular Walmart [we have 6 Super Centers within a 20-25 mile radius], they didn't have the Santa hats, but they DID have an entirely different one - a red, green and white striped elf hat.  These stores may just have a whole slew of different hats to make even a whole gnome village.  You definitely don't have to be a crafting genius to make these popular folks!!!  Easy peasey.  [I also thought that you don't need wigs as I used!  Hobby Lobby and Michaels have squares of faux fur.  That could be used as a beard too!]

Post Title Goes HERE...

In my previous post , aka, The Grinch and the Santa Hat Mystery, I was hoping someone would guess correctly.  Did you come close?  Now, I must reveal my project of the tree topper that isn't. I bought the Santa Hat, took it home, and the next day I began by unpacking my white wig [I've used it for Halloween often]. Stuffing the wig up the opening of the Santa Hat, partially, I created a Santa beard! It was simple. Then, from one of my craft boxes I pulled out a large wooden ball. I was gonna paint it flesh colored but then realized the wood itself was flesh toned. So, I did nothing to it except for taking a thin piece of wooden dowel and pushed it into the ball, creating a prop for the nose piece....with the nose/dowel through the wig's mesh netting, it came to life...voilá, a piece that is ever so popular these days!  The project took less than 15 minutes to make, no gluing, no painting, nothing but a couple of insertions.... It now sits on the very edge of the fire

How the Grinch Stole the Hat...

I know most think having stores filled with the holiday season right after Halloween is atrocious. But, to crafters it's not any too early to begin making things to decorate the house and yard for December. For example, by having plain pine wreaths and picks in the stores, you can take a lot of time, ahead of time, to get it 'just right' rushing if you buy in early November. So, I stand by my conviction that it's never too early for the holidays when it comes to stocking and displaying and selling things for decorating. Anyway, I stopped at Walmart to buy the half gallon of non-alcoholic Southern Comfort Egg Nog [our local grocery store carries only the quart size and more expensive than Walmart], and as I was walking to the cashier I saw some adorable [rather large] tree toppers!! One, a snowman's top hat, and another Santa's hat. The third was a snowman head and top hat in one piece. They were all marked $9.98. [BTW, I got to the self check out a

Treasure Island? More like Treasured Shores.

After I walked through the park and the Veterans' Flags of Heroes I ended up descending the grassy cliffs via a stepped walkway, to the rocky shoreline and just enjoyed the morning quietness and ambiance. As I watched the surf glisten in the warmth of the sunshine, and listened to the waves crashing on the boulders, I noticed something at my feet that I haven't 'hunted' in ages! Sea Glass. I began walking around in search of more. The small pebbled beach was a treasure trove of colored, frosted and weathered glass. In order for it to be sea glass, it must be frosted and weathered, and lacking any sharp edges; smooth and silky to the touch.  The colors come in a rainbow assortment if you're lucky, but the most common seen here are green, brown, and frosted white.  I read that blue, red, and pink are rare.  Purple being the rarest of all.   Years ago I used to traipse along the shores of town looking for pieces to make jewelry or mosaics. And I used to walk

Sunshine on My Shoulders....

....Makes Me Happy I woke up yesterday morning to clear skies and no rain. And, since it was so chilly at that hour, I waited 'til the temp climbed up a bit, to 50 degrees, before I went out walking. I just walked a short distance this time. I have been wanting to go down along Ocean Drive/Shoreline and view the Veteran's Flags of Heroes that are gracing our city ... Sunday is the last day. I was hoping for a perfect day and it was. Lining the park and placed strategically on the lawn and surrounding the WWII bronze sculpture is the American Flag by the 1000s. Each flag is sponsored by a donor family in memory of their choice....each flag has a tag on it with the person's name. Soldier, Airman, Seaman....those who served in military and wars. My first sighting of this park as I turned the curve on the street was startling and humbling. As I walked the grounds I felt pride in every step and wanted to honor each and every one. They served their country, by choic

A Little Elfen Magic....

Image many times, when the temps were soaring into the triple digits, did I mumble "I can't wait for cooler weather"? Well, two days of dark, damp, and hovering near the freezing mark in chill factor...I'm ready for some sunshine. The gray blanket that has been overhead makes for very boring days. Long days!! I got both computers cleaned out, updated. Read. Cleaned the kitchen cupboards out. Vacuumed. Finished our last puzzle for the month [shown above] and tore down the puzzle table to prepare for Erik's long weekend visit on Thanksgiving in the extra room for his daybed. Which I have yet to set up. Listened to CDs of my favorite soprano, Barbara Bonney .  I played her rendition of Ave Maria [linked by her name] so many times, Bud was ready to move out ... Watched a couple of movies. Made two new headers for my blogs' Christmas theme. Listened to it rain. Hearing the wind blow outdoors. If I wanted to bundle up and put on layers, I could