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Near the Port of Call...

The Texas State Aquarium is a great place to visit. I never tire of going there. I continue to learn new things each time. My favorite is the Caribbean Wing. Not only sea life but, the free flying birds is like going on a walking safari to see just how many you can find in the live trees and near water. There is also a Gulf of Mexico section where you see many exhibits...some, with hands-on as you go. Even the art work on the walls is tastefully this 16 by 10 foot tile mosaic seen here [the dimensions are estimated -it's two stories high]. It's a wonderful, family adventure. I'll share some photos from the weekend as I walked around; inside and outdoors...

The sea life in the Caribbean:

Waterfalls give you an atmosphere without experiencing the biting insects of the tropics...

...Going outdoors on the aquarium grounds, there is a very large area for dolphins...they are trained and there is a showing several times during the day. Otters, seals, turtles, alligators, cabana covered snacking areas and benches, an arena for aviary shows, stingrays where adults and children alike can have a sensory touch, fountains the shape of whales, etc. can be seen. Not to mention the open sea and port of call ship channel, many nearby attractions like seafood, souvenir shops, museums, a WWII aircraft carrier that has been turned into a museum of the naval warfare history, oh....and a popular area, the beach!!!

The ship seen in the distance is the USS Lexington [world war II aircraft, a museum; as previously mentioned]. And if you're interested in US Navy and the sea life of a seaman, you may know your signal flags...if not, let me tell you the signal flags you see reads US Lexington CV-16.


  1. That place looks pretty amazing. I wonder if there is an aquarium anywhere near me. I'm going to have to look and see.

    1. I bet your granddaughter would enjoy it!

  2. Wow, what a wonderful place to visit ☺

  3. Love it! That turtle is impressive. And your pictures, too. Thanks for taking me along. :-)

  4. every time I see photos like these, from aquairums, I say to myself I need to go visit the one that is 15 miles from my house. I have never been. Mote Marine is its name. from the photos I see it is much like this one you visited.

  5. These underwater pictures must have been hard to take, but they came out so good! The waterfall and mosaic are gorgeous! This place is so awesome, I would go every day if I lived nearby. Your turtle picture is so good, it doesn't even look underwater.

    1. Well, the entrance fee would get mighty costly. It would make more sense to volunteer.

  6. Those free flying birds must think they are in Eden. I wish we had one near here. Marine Biology was my original major.

  7. I once chaperoned a 4-H group of teens as we visited the National Baltimore Aquarium on a trip to the Inner Harbor. It was one of the most impressive and awesome adventures each of us had ever experienced. We all hated to leave when it was time to board to bus back to reality. To others reading about your visit I strongly suggest - GO! Somehow - Someway.

    1. Indeed. The establishment is extraordinary.

  8. An amazing place for sure. It would be hard to even take it all in, there is so much to see.

  9. What an amazing place! Your photos are fantastic!



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