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Big Nosed Kate [and Hazel] - and a bit of TOMBSTONE [AZ]

It was rainy this morning, so I stayed indoors; worked on a jigsaw puzzle and following the spirit of the season, I just now finished a pencil sketch I've been working on the last week or so.... Meet witch Hazel I also did a witch painting years ago if you've not seen it before....find it HERE Hopefully, I will be able to attend the Day of the Dead Festival this weekend! I've gone to them for the last 5 years or so, and it's a fun atmosphere and I get to add names of my family to the listings on the walls of those that left me mom, dad, brothers, and brother in law. Plus some pets' names. And, of course, walk around and get into that mode with the street music and revelers....hopefully some painted faces and those in costume. We are supposed to have a biggo cold front move into our area of the coast starting tomorrow; putting the low temps into the 40's overnight! That's downright cold for us!!! But, for the festival, it will be a pl

Dark Shadows

Do you remember the tv program aired many years ago [my title for this post - Dark Shadows]...a night time soap opera I believe? Well, good! But, hold your horses!  This post has nothing to do with it!!!  In reference to dark and's just night time photography! Flash photography in the dark, in the wee hours of the morning as I walk a trail in hopes of seeing an owl. Or at least hearing one. [which I didn't see any owls or hear any, by the way.  Behind me, on the dark trail,  I often heard things go bump in the night tho!!!!] The photo you see in this paragraph is of the Wetlands visitor/learning center and its nighttime reflection on the lily pond near the entrance gate on the property.  And below, you'll find some photos of birds on a pond with their eyes reflecting the light of the camera's flash... Now, walk with me in silence. Listen to the sound of things of mystery! Keep your wits about you, for who knows what evil lurks - the Shadow

The Happenings....

It's been kinda a busy week for me...besides out walking, visiting the aquarium, the botanical gardens, birding at parks, getting oil changed in the car [again?....time flies!!], some legal paper work updating with the lawyer, a couple of luncheons, being highly disappointed in the Houston Astros World Series so far, volunteering to help make pizzas for a kitchen, helping Bud do some yard work before the cold and wet front moved into our least I helped until I tried to cut my thumb off with the hedger! And then, most of all, working on resizing hundreds of photos for the week off the camera card to get uploaded on my blog!! So, this will be a bit eclectic in composition today while I continue getting the botanical and bird photos of the aquarium in order...hang in there. Some are what made me quite opinionated, while others are of a fun nature [at least I hope].... ...first: over kill [click on images to open up lightbox slideshow, enlarging them]. Y&

Near the Port of Call...

The Texas State Aquarium is a great place to visit. I never tire of going there. I continue to learn new things each time. My favorite is the Caribbean Wing. Not only sea life but, the free flying birds is like going on a walking safari to see just how many you can find in the live trees and near water. There is also a Gulf of Mexico section where you see many exhibits...some, with hands-on as you go. Even the art work on the walls is tastefully this 16 by 10 foot tile mosaic seen here [the dimensions are estimated -it's two stories high]. It's a wonderful, family adventure. I'll share some photos from the weekend as I walked around; inside and outdoors... The sea life in the Caribbean: Waterfalls give you an atmosphere without experiencing the biting insects of the tropics... ...Going outdoors on the aquarium grounds, there is a very large area for dolphins...they are trained and there is a showing several times during the day. Ott