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Sometimes I Feel Like Willie N....

With sunrise in my rear view mirror, I was on the road again! This time, driving down highway 44 heading northwest toward Calallen Texas to attend the hawkwatch annual celebration of flight. I wanted to get some walking in before the program started, so I left a couple hours beforehand, hoping to beat the other attendees....that wasn't happening! By the time I got there, there were many already there, I had to search for a place to park nearby the platform. It had rained heavily in this little town while our city got none. At least in my neighborhood. There was rainwater standing all over the park, and eventually there was a threat of MORE rain to come as the dark clouds built up along the coastal horizon. But walk, and a search for birds still went ahead as planned.  I had a couple of hours to spare before the exhibits and lectures began.   My first stop after I parked and got out of the car was the hawkwatch platform. Dane, the watchers' supervisor, greeted

Like Garfield Says....CANdy, Candy, CANDY!!

Just one more image....I've been meaning to show you the photo bomb of Tilda! I went to Hobby Lobby and used the online coupon for the store to buy her a special broom. As soon as I set her on the back of the couch for a picture, Mr. Tubbs [aka Isaiah] wanted in on the action.... Friday, I had a choice of staying home or going to the Hawk Watch Seminar/Festival in Calallen, Texas. The show didn't start until 2:30 pm and to me, that is when the day starts to wind down. I'm an early morning person. I opted to stay home. Saturday, the 2nd day of the festival, the show begins at 10:30 in the morning.  I'll have time BEFORE the show to go walking/birding. That's more like it. So, instead I got out my sketch pad and sketched...this is just a rough sketch, no particular exactness or liking; just a quick piece of work...25-30 minutes and I was done with it... ...and while I was drawing, I was wishin' I had some of the Hershey's Holiday Kisses to

Channel and Beach Scenes

I started my morning driving to Packery Channel to walk the boardwalks and inspect the small Audubon Sanctuary for my first steps. As I vacated the car after grabbing my camera off the seat, and pocketing my cellphone at the parking lot, this sweet thing greeted me with his shrill call and headed in the direction of his mate. They both, then, made a 50 yard dash to the edge of the park road and disappeared into the tall grass. I ventured up on the boardwalk and saw no other birds,  so I watched the sky.... At the Audubon Sanctuary Pond, the water level was very low and seen was only one bird, wading, and that was a snowy egret. It flew off in the direction of the sunlight so, no real good photo op. I retraced my steps and walked along Sand Dollar Road to a wide open oasis feeding station for migrant birds [a woman who owns the property has humming bird feeders year 'round and seed platforms for her winter, summer, spring and fall visitors]. On this morning, one dove an

Rockport Street Fair

After driving around to watch the hummingbirds at their shared feeders around Rockport-Fulton Texas last Saturday, I then went to the street fair that was being held over the weekend. I checked out ALL the booths and really found nothing of interest or anything I could live without.... Except one booth. A lady had all kinds of handmade soft sculptured teddy bears. They were cute! Then, I spotted the wagon sitting just below the display and saw what I "had to have"!  I'm sure you guessed from my last post sans hints. Yes, it's seasonal. In the wagon were four dolls. One with a wicked green face that caught my eye. I asked her the price she had for them, and quickly put it back on the wagon. Way too much! Ridiculously priced if you would've asked me....but, I continued drooling at the bit. I said, "I'll give you $25 for the green faced one". She said that's too low...So, I started walking away. As slow as I could so she could m

Hummer Fest in Rockport Texas...

This past weekend, at Rockport-Fulton, Texas the annual hummingbird - fest was held. It's a self-guided route [driving] to many, many areas throughout the two town radius. With people's homes and parks open for viewing the migration of the ruby-throated hummingbird. And may I add the hummer-bird festival, as what it's called in Autumn is also dedicated to all migratory birds that fly south for the winter where food is more readily available for them. But, the hummingbirds can be seen by the thousands!!! With my camera and binoculars at the ready in the passenger seat of the car, I left home at daybreak to beat the predicted heat of the day that was sure to be upon us birders in no time. About midway to Rockport it rained enough to wet the pavement on the highway; making it more sultry. Once beyond the straight-away section of the road, the sun would be off to my right, making visibility a bit more safe. Some drivers just don't slow down....even with the br