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Early in the Day at Port A....

I left before sunrise [As always. Mostly to avoid traffic and rush hour]. By the time I got to the islands, the cloud cover was showing rain showers on the horizon, so I pulled off the island highway onto a beach access road and arrived at the dunes and pulled off on the beach to snap a few photos of the morning sun... ...after taking a couple of photos of the skyline and horizon, I traipsed back to retrieve my lens ball which I tote in the car all the time. I then walked back near the incoming surf and dropped the ball on the sand, hoping to kneel down and get some of the sky's colors in the globe. Well, I almost lost the ball!!! The tide came in and drenched my legs, knees, and half of my shorts I was wearing...soaking my shoes!!  I  jumped up, and then, watched the water as it washed my ball out to sea with the ebb tide!! LOL. No, I didn't panic. It is heavy enough that I would have been able to wade back in and save the day. But, I was WET now. That mean


What a Sassy Brat I was long ago. Of course, if you ask Bud he'd say I've not changed over the years. And he's not talkin' looks. circa 1950s circa 2019

In the News...

A couple of things on my 'to do list' have been done. One is to register for the 5K heart walk in October. Got that done this week, and pledged the dollar amount for me to raise before the 'big day'. Then, something I've been meaning to do and haven't up until this week, I also registered to go on the Harbor Bridge Walk at the end of August. This isn't anything will be just a short lecture and then those that attend will get to put their name on the new bridge for a permanent signature. I am looking forward to this...hope I learn some good things about the construction and details as I've been faithfully following its progress. I've also been patiently waiting for the crowds to thin out so I can go see the new Lion King movie. Hopefully this week sometime. The theater I go to is a 16 plex. And they have the movie in 13 of them [all day long and into the night]!!! The last time I was in the vicinity of the cineplex the park

The Wetlands....

...aren't so wet these days.  [insert blog title before the "..."] We have had a drier air mass move in, which brought the soaring temps to a screeching halt.  At least for a couple of days.  And I took advantage of the mornings in the low 70s to walk-about.  This post is in and around the Wetlands Reserve [altho, no rain for weeks, so everything looks brown and dry!] The Morning Sky shots: The trails in this area are a conglomerate of flagstone, caliche [gravel so heavy in mineral deposits, weeds aren't even a nuisance], wood boardwalks, and areas where it's likely to wash out with heavy downpours....cement. But most is the caliche; blending in with the natural enviornment. On this particular day, every turn I made on the winding, numerous, trails, cottontails were out and about: I stopped at the newest addition to the park....the fountain/waterfall: At the time, sparrows, cardinals, and hummingbirds were exploring for tasty treats of

On a Hill Far Away....

As I've mentioned on my bird photography blog, I have been searching for the wood stork's return to our area....with no success yet. I did find myself on a return visit to Tule Lake on the other side of the port of Corpus Christi [near the oil refineries]. When I got there, looking east over the lake, I noticed the sun peeking over the horizon. Even tho, the view wasn't perfect, with the power lines crossing the whole area...I still took some photos. To me, when there are cloud formations and the colors are right, I tend to go over-board with snapping the shutter button. Even using the zoom lens, and the sky takes on a whole 'nother makes my morning all the more perfect. At the time, I only spotted one black necked stilt, two egrets, two herons, and a few swallows came off their roost, with their curious nature, to see who was invading their territory. I left them alone to their habitat and went to West Guth Park to walk. There, I stopped by th