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Just for Fun!

It's a new addiction for the two of us! With the extreme heat we've had the last week or two, and me going out before sunrise to walk a short 2 miles instead of 5 miles in the heat, it makes for a long day. So, after my sister sent me a jigsaw puzzle table for my birthday, Bud and I have sat down with the A C going full throttle; working on puzzles. Eleven since February. This last one we finished was of a golden retriever. BUT there were eight other animals in the photo/puzzle. At least both of us counted nine animals, total.  There may be more?  Dunno

See if you can spot them all. AND if you get stuck I have outlined them on another my test blog. HERE


  1. I got 8, friend Anni … Have 2 puzzles waiting for me as well but they will have to wait til Winter … Spring time here in Alberta … then Summer, then Fall … I am putting in a garden and tending to my yard … We have about 100 frost free days … so got to hurry and plant and harvest as fast and furiously as I can … smiles … Love, cat.

  2. I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in ages. I did find 9 animals other than the dog.

  3. That's a fun puzzle, but I am not very good I guess, since I could only find six! Sigh.

  4. I only found 8, went to the other blog and still could not see 9, under the fox. it is a beautiful puzzle. do you just break it up and put it back in the box? i know some people frame them. I wish we liked puzzles. i wonder if i should try a small one. we need something to do indoors, or at least Bob does.

    1. We usually re-sell them at an used book store.

  5. LOVE the owl header

  6. Found nine, I think, and love that puzzle. Suitable for framing. Wish my cat would let me work them.

  7. I did find jigsaw puzzles. Have you ever did the photo mosaic ones? They are fun, too. I have did one of a tiger and one of butterfly. I have one waiting that a friend's husband gave me...well, I had buy a new one. It is of a lone wolf...when he sent it to me, he wrote a note to either work it or burn it, he did not care which. LOL

  8. Here is a link to that puzzle.

  9. We used to do a lot of puzzles, haven't done any recently but I think we should start again!

  10. I found the 9 but checked your link to be sure. Nice puzzle.

  11. My mom and her sibling seem to love to do puzzles.
    Coffee is on