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Oreo....oops, Oriole!!

I finished this sketch this past holiday weekend. I started drawing it the few days there was no internet at home to keep my mind occupied. Or at least my idle hands. You know what they say about idle hands being the devil's workshop. I tried to stay out of trouble [jk]. Once I was able to get back online, I shoved this aside 'til I was caught up with internet stuff.  Its rump is sticking out too much, and in the interim of posting this photo taken, I have 'smoothed' it out and it flows into the tail feathers properly now. ...correction


I see trees of GREEN RED roses too I see them bloom for me and for you... I see skies of BLUE and clouds of WHITE The bright blessed days The dark sacred nights ....I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do? They're really saying I LOVE YOU!!! ....AND i THINK TO MYSELF WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD!!! credits: What a Wonderful World ~ song by Louis Armstrong ----------- photos by Hootin' Anni ----------- tree in park ----------- rose bud in our yard ----------- skyshot over bay shore ----------- sunrise along interstate 69/TXhighway 77 ----------- mirador along seawall ----------- bronze statue along seawall

Woe is Us...

Count 'em.... three days without internet!! Our phone carrier [of which I connect to the internet via hotspot] was offline for three days!  A very few times, when trying to connect to other blogs, I could get in by rebooting my phone and reading blogs...commenting was a whole 'nother story tho.  Some I could, and some I couldn't. So, if I didn't pay you a protocol revisit after you left me a comment...I apologize. They are/were switching from a 4G network to a 5G. At times, both Bud and I were at a loss when we couldn't get online. Me blogging and visiting blogs, Bud just surfing the 'net.   Texting and calling weren't affected. We could have easily gone to Starbucks or somewhere with free WiFi,  still the time at home   was well-spent, I guess, doing without.  But a few times we felt unable to relax from withdrawal symptoms and a bit of mental restraint. WE DID get a lot of small tasks done which we have put off because of our phones calling our na

Lensball Sunrise

There was a high bank of clouds on the horizon when I arrived at the beach, blocking out the sun for some time after sunrise. But I stuck around and got photos anyway. The first two, below, is of a structure on the beach made of driftwood. It reminded me of a Native American Teepee. The other is a Black Skimmer feeding along the shore [just above my Hootin' Anni watermark]   ...the rest are all the Gulf, the sun, and the lensball. The 5th one down from this series has a flock of brown pelicans in view: ...dunno why this turned as dark as it did, but I liked it, so added it to the series.

Botany 101 - Zoology and "Odd-ology"

When in the middle of the day, I have not gone to walk, sometimes I drive to the very large cemetery in town. Why? Because it's quite a bit cooler when the days are hot and humid. The number of trees there, shade the drives and I can get my steps counted up and enjoy the slight breeze throughout. AND where there are trees, there are birds. This week, tho, very few birds at I decided to look the clouds drift by and enjoy nature in the quiet! Did I mention trees? So many different species of trees here in the cemetery, I couldn't begin to name them all. But, how 'bout looking around with me. You'd be surprised at what you can find in the solitude of a graveyard. Never's broad daylight.... First, a bit o' furry! Look up! There are things you wouldn't think of...perhaps a gentle song from a windchime... Heck, you may even spot a Christmas Ornament... [can you find it? hint: Norfolk Island Pine?]

Choke Canyon Reservoir

Coming on Saturday at noon, I will post the photos of our day trip bird photos at I'd Rather B Birdin'...a day trip to Choke Canyon Reservoir ; 70+ miles from home nearly entering Texas Hill Country. The reservoir is on the southern tip of hill country. It began with nearly a 1 1/2 hour drive along Interstate 37; about half way between Corpus and San Antonio. We pulled off the exit ramp at Three Rivers Texas, drove several more miles past the Federal Prison, and entered the State Park...Choke Canyon. Keep in mind that this reservoir feeds the tap water to Corpus Christi and its suburbs. It's huge!!! Vast amounts of water when filled to capacity as it has been since our rainy season last winter and this spring. We've been there during a drought before, and it's a massive difference in scenery this week as the last time we drove up there!! [link] Once we hit the outhouse[restrooms are clean and fancy in this state owned park] we took all the side trips an