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Follow the River

One morning this week, I drove to Calallen Texas. I was given a free $80 value coupon for a synthetic oil change for the car [From the American Heart Association's 5k walk back in October of 2018]. The coupon was valid for a year, and since I had just had the oil changed in October, I thought I'd wait 6 months to take advantage of the savings. Besides, I drive to Calallen many times for walking and birding. Guess you could say I killed two birds with one stone! So to speak. Anyway, I called ahead of time to schedule the hour since I didn't want to be sitting around waiting my turn. I arrived, the oil was changed, and they did an entire "sweep". Oil, filter, all fluids topped off under the hood, tire check and brake check. And they even did a courtesy car wash and vacuuming!! All for free. And I was soon out the door, on my way to the park.... I walked along the river bank... I got my step count done, the car has had a transfusion. We

The Week AFTER Easter....

Apparently, I had a screw loose. Good thing my older brother wasn't here when I noticed after I cleaned out the laptop and was picking it up to put it away in its proper place, he'd never let me down on that one. He always thought I was one watt short of a light bulb. Not to mention Bud! I won't go into detail, but just picture an arthritic man, rolling on the floor laughing and between gulps for air, he was stuttering "I wish Butch were here!" [Butch, being my brother -he and Bud were always cahootin' over something devilish]. And picture me just walking away, leaving him stranded and having to maneuver himself up to standing position.  Serves him right!!!! I'm all fixed now tho, and everything is locked in with no brain matter loss.  At least for now, I've had no ill side-effects other than a mild headache after all the screwing I did. The last four days I've been AWOB [absent without blogging]... working on the yard pelican statue.

Scenes from Nearby Home...

I have been taking breaks now and then from my yard art repainting - I began working on the cement statue of our pelican, but it will take me a week or more to finish.  So, I'm taking walks...soaking up this glorious weather we've been having here-of-late.  From 1] watching dolphins guide the big oil tankers out to sea, 2 ] finding a sure sign of Spring; a lady bug, 3] the deep sea fishermen along the channel and the sparkle of the gulf, 4 ] way out on the horizon a ship spraying water from the deck, 5] wildflowers in the park under mesquite trees, 6] taking out my lens ball for a snapshot of the sand dunes and oil rigs  7] viewing reflections on the park ponds, 8] and keeping the bird feeder station in our back yard filled and stocking fresh fruit for them to snack on as they have a layover on their way to the northern parts of USA and Canada, 9] taking a foot journey behind the bird basin looking for the rare plover but finding none - just yellow wildflowers by the int

The Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

A walk on the lawn, in our yard. What blooms at home for the first time, this season.  Our back yard is full of color right now... Our pomegranate tree in bloom A few Red Roses Yellow Rose of Tombstone [Lady Banks, aka Tombstone Rose]  This rose is one of my favorites, I love the tiny, half dollar size, blossoms and the numbers of  blooms...many on one branch in groupings, and a profuse bloomer, the delicate butter-yellow color [they also come in pink I believe, and maybe white...not sure]...and the fact that it vines in long tendrils giving the illusion of a weeping willow, plus NO THORNS!!! A new potted plant on the patio. This plant did not have a name tag/label so, I'm not sure the species. It looks to be related to a Christmas cactus. The first blooming of my amaryllis The first of my cactus I dug out and moved with us, from Tucson to Texas.  I have since thinned out the one potted cactus into five pots.  I love the bright, hot pink color. A

Painting Projects I call WORK [WORK is a 4 letter word!]

Lately, I've been working on a few painting projects...the projects are some of our yard's figurines. They've either been severely damaged, or weather-worn. I've done a few pieces; they take up most of my day. And I still have several to go to re-finish. And, these projects I've done in our garage on Bud's Work Bench. Here are the ones I've done so far; taking up most of this week: Bud and I call this war-torn frog...Thaddeus...from Wind in the Willows. His one arm has been broken off by birds landing on it to take part in the sunken bird bath in the 'toad hill garden' [Toad Hill also from Wind in the Willows].... BEFORE: AFTER: The other project that was done also this week are ducks [all male ...too lazy to make any of them female] in the bird garden. I have another bird bath, crepe myrtle and windchimes, along with shells, barnacles and one very large [and heavy - probably anywhere from 75 pounds to 100!!] cement white