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Ahoy, Matey!!!

On any given day I plan to go to Rockport Texas and walk their beach park, I leave in the dark hours of the morning, way before sunrise. Mainly ‘cause there is one section of highway that has a dangerous curve near Aransas Pass! If it’s timed wrong, the sun, as it begins to rise above the horizon, it’s right smack dab in your eyes…and it’s blinding even with sunglasses and the visor pulled down!!! The curve is right there…so, I make sure I’m past that area and heading north BEFORE the sun appears. So, on this day, I arrive at the beach park just as the sunrise begins, and I’m preparing my gear from the trunk to start my walking. At this park, I can easily get my 10000 steps in…it’s a large park. Bays, inlets, beaches that are lined with several thatch-roofed cabanas, park roads, pavilions, picnic areas, and a few miles of curves and stops to see the wildlife. As I begin my trek in search of migrant birds, I get out and don my binoculars, camera and jacket …the wind is blow

Too Late for Seeing Leprechauns?

A few weeks back I mentioned a couple of books; one I had read and the other what I had planned on reading. I had thought when I read the publisher's synopsis this would be a good historical fiction on our first president and his first true love [before he married Martha]. I must be honest. The novel was a huge struggle to complete. The author, in my opinion turned it into a romance fantasy. She wrote more about Mary's dimples on her right cheek and then on her left cheek more times than I care to mention. Chapter after chapter the General [Washington] was thinking about and checking out her dimples!!! What does that have to do with making a book worthy of reading? Just not my style. She went into more depth of powdered wigs and secret meetings and dances, and Mary's struggles of being a woman of value to her family and self esteem than that of the general facts of historic value . A big disappointment.  Gone With the Wind it's not!!!! Sure, there was Rhett

Beach! I Hit the BEACH!!

I was having withdrawal symptoms of not going to the beach. I left at 6:30 am ; in the dark. About 15 minutes from home, driving over the causeway to North Padre Island.  I then pulled off the first Beach Access Road from TX SH361. At this hour only a couple of cars and a few joggers were out and about. I nearly had the beach to myself.  To the west the moon was still shining, at the eastern horizon, the sky was turning a smokey lavender....not long before sunrise. And what a beauty it was. While I was waiting for the warm colors to appear and the ball of fire over the sea, I played with my lensball. I had my crystal stand, and took photos while propping the lensball on the pylons. Then, as the sun appeared, I took the ball off the stand, and walked to the surf, sitting the ball on the sand and let the tide do its thing.  For the entire time there, I ended adding 59 photos of just sky and surf on the camera's SD card... Sunrise, and Moon-set [you can see the moon in

Butterflies are Free...

Just a bit of eye candy today, nothing special. I've been cleaning out the folders on my computer, and noticed I had many butterfly images.'re gonna get a dozen pictures of butterflies! I'm not even gonna take the time to ID them this time around...not only too lazy, but I wanna get back to cleaning up this set of archive folders.  I have an overload of many photos that are useless...

More Wildflowers? I got 'Em!!!!

One morning, driving home, I happened to notice a section of land just off the interstate that was filled with color! In the Spring, you know bluebonnets from a long distance...the wild grasses on the interstate inclines are a smoky gray. The closer you get, the bluer the flowers are. Then, driving further, more smoky gray, and more bluebonnets. Well, this section had a tremendous amount, I caught the colors long before I approached the section of land. But it was different. Yes, the bluebonnets...but more were among those....INDIAN PAINT BRUSH! The traffic was heavy so I thought best to not pull over and cause a multi-car accident. And I was beyond the correct exit to get up on the frontage road to park and safely walk down the hill. I made a point of looking in the rear-view mirror to get my standing of where to come back to get some photos. The next morning, early, I headed out. Pulled off the exit, took the overpass to go the opposite direction to the spot, and then