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Up on a Hill...

As I mentioned in my previous post, searching for bluebonnets and pretending to be Lady Bird Johnson , one day last week, the news media informed those that was watching the station on TV, that the bluebonnets were in full bloom close by. I drove there and took photos. The very next day, the sky cleared and the sun was shinning. I went back. This time I took my lensball with me. I took only three photos, -the hot sun can quickly burn your fingers and sting if you hold it up in the sun too long... but the colors were very intense... As I drove home, I was inspired to sketch them. The beauty of the blue hillside along the highway was etched in my mind. When I got home, I brought out my sketch pad, pencil, and then when the sketch was done, I brought out my colored pencils and began to color and shade the petals in... ...the end result: - - - "It's not only the state flower but also a kind of floral trademark almost as well known to outsiders as cowboy

In Search of Texas Bluebonnets...

One day recently, listening to the news and weather report on our local tv station while eating my lunch, the weatherman reported that the bluebonnets were blooming along the interstate. After cleaning up from the meal, I headed out with my camera. Naturally, it was another day of overcast sky, but I was determined to find some, and get pictures since the blossoming lasts just a short time. About 10 miles up the freeway, my first sighting was in view. I drove to an exit and continued along that stretch of road to a quiet place to pull off safely and walk across to get to the embankment with those pretty Spring flowers. This year, they're blooming early. Of course the winter rains has a lot to do with that fact. Once across the road, I turned on the camera and got some photos. Even tho it was cloudy, and the cold wind blew gently across the land, the vivid colors of those 'bonnets' were great. Years and years ago I viewed a memorable photo of one of our

Goose Island on a Sunday Walk in the Rain...

This past Sunday I drove through Portland, to Rockport, Texas and over Copano Bay then, turned off at Lamar, Texas. The nearly 50 mile drive was through a foggy stretch and misty rainfall. I then, drove through an oak tree covered park road to the shoreline road in hopes of seeing some of the Whooping Cranes that winter here each season. Through the busy windshield wiper blades, I spotted two cranes feeding in an adjacent field. Too bad it was quite a dark, and gloomy, morning...they were in the open field, but my vision was marred with wet windows; unable to get good, bright, colorful pictures of those gentle giants [largest land bird in America]. I rolled down my window as I slowly came to a halt in the middle of the road, snapping the shutter button on my camera. Cattle were grazing, egrets were following the cattle, and a few northern shovelers [ducks] were feeding on a small pond surrounded by cattail reeds, I drove around the circle and then came to the "Big Tree"

Sparkling Bay...

Spring is springing!!! Corpus Christi is nicknamed the Sparkling City by the Bay . I have to admit that the sparkling Gulf was a great attraction many years ago, before we retired and were trying to decide where to relocate to get out of the long, drug out winters of Colorado. We chose our first new location in the Sonoran Desert of the Southwest. Bud and I didn't want Phoenix [too populated and air quality left a lot to be desired]. We chose Tucson Arizona. I loved the desert and still do. But coming from Colorado where the air is dry for the most part, Arizona's Monsoon season was too much. The older we got, the less tolerant of the "dry heat" [truly a misnomer for the monsoon season where it's 120 degrees [real thermometer reading!] and the humidity is 100 per cent for months!]. On a whim, I said to Bud, "Let's move to the beach". We put our home in Tucson on the market and before the year was out, we sold it and moved to the Sparklin