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A Craft, A Beauty, and a Beast

Even with Isaiah in our life, I wanted to bring out something for Valentine's Day. But, most of what I have on hand, in storage, is a bit too dangerous for a young cat. So, off to Dollar Tree I went. I bought a small -very small- teddy bear they had in their holiday displays and a small metal tin mail box with a Valentine's Day theme going, some pink artificial tulips. When I got home, Bud went right to work on making a mail box post Once he had it put together on a wooden stand, I painted it. This is the result. Not the best, but the best I could do on such a quick project. I do know I will have to keep my eye on our kitty with the pink and red heart table scatter. So far, he's left it alone. I'm hoping that will continue... - - - - I believe I mentioned a couple weeks ago, that Bud and I watched the 'human version' of Disney's Beauty and the Beast , with Emma Watson. It's one of my favorites. Anyway, after the movie it was be

Down by the Sea...

Yesterday morning after another rainstorm went over, I headed to Mustang Island to walk. This is some of what I saw. First... ...the oddities Metal Yard Art and the Odd Couple the "odd couple" - cormorant and pelican ....then, my imagination ran amok! On the old felt hat? And a bird perched on a pole? Neither!!! A brown leaf and a broken branch. the time I reached Port Aransas, it was raining there!. But, I braved the elements and walked some, not getting too soaked. Dark, heavy, clouds finally broke about a couple hours later. And the day warmed up nicely! This past week, I experimented with my lensball photography. All near the Gulf of Mexico...

Dolphin Park

It's been ages since I've walked along the North Beach [where the sand and surf meet the hotels and tourist attractions that bring visitors to the shore]. Like maybe 10 years? At least. The last time I walked there, the beach was so inundated with trash and jelly fish, I just never felt compelled to return there. Until Thursday. A reported rare bird was spotted in the bay near Dolphin Park at the end of the beach near the Nueces Bay Causeway. There is now a trail [2 miles one way] that is paved along the beach. Lined with scattered palm trees, granite benches and street lights for night walking....and....THE AREA HAS BEEN CLEANED UP!!! [I remember long ago, on the local news channel, that the residents of the area complained to the city that the condition of the beach area was in terrible shape, and the city crews moved in and made many improvements with a passed bond issue.]   Tho I didn't find the rare bird, I did enjoy the warm sunny afternoon, seeing this:

A Topsy-turvy World

Where has the day gone? Here I am at the computer, and it's nearly time to make dinner. I'm going to make stroganov burgers...grilled mushrooms, mushroom sauce, swiss cheese, and sour cream atop the burger on a wheat bun. I can't figure out where the time went today. I just finished resizing my photos from my walk in the cold wind today. It rained heavily early this morning and some sleet close by where we live [just a few blocks away].  Yes, that's how cold it was. Anyway, this will be a short post today. Yesterday [Tuesday], I walked on Mustang Island, stopping along the beach at sunrise. Then, walked several birding areas, and finished with my step count at Harbor Community Park in Port A. Several pelicans seen along the ferry landing;  I took a few photos, and then went to the car and brought out my nifty lens ball turning the world- ...topsy-turvy. Sunrise...  Harbor jetty...