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A Relection of the Year - Part II

JULY- Banana trees begin to bloom and fruits form. It's always a delight to see some cool colored [blues & purples] flowers blooming in the heat of the summer. Most often the warm yellows and red blossoms are seen. On my bird expeditions I usually go to parks and areas that are well shaded! This Golden Fronted Woodpecker was spotted perched on a gravestone in the large, oak covered cemetery in town. The Church spire is along the seawall, downtown, where the warm, tropical sea breeze can be felt to keep one a bit cooler during the hot summer day... AUGUST- If there are no hurricane threats on the islands near home, I often go to walk along the ship channel and jetties. There is a small fishing village that is popular with tourists....Port Aransas. Port A was hit with hurricane Harvey in 2017 and there is still evidence of damage in 2018. This local bar has now permanently closed. The Salty Dog. Our river flooded a couple of times with heavy rainfall total

A Relection of the Year - Part I

JANUARY- 2018 started off very cold! It's quite unusual for freezing temps this far south....but, in January, we had FROST!!! Naturally, I enjoyed it being raised in Colorado. Except for the "no icy snow packed highways" and the dry cold was.a perfect way to begin a new year!! FEBRUARY- Tho, in the North, it's considered the middle of winter in February...not so here. A few flowers and trees begin to bud...blossoms and leaves. Resident birds begin to be more active and searching out nesting areas and finding mates [some mate for life]. MARCH- If our area receives a goodly amount of rainfall during the winter months, the Texas State Flower [the Bluebonnets] create a sea of blue along highways and roads; in fields! The yucca's candelabras create a waxy display with their creamy petals, and the scent is a mild delightful fragrance. The Mexican Hat blossoms are highly unique in form and color, they continue to bloom profusely duri


Sunday morning, driving to the islands, I left home with clear skies and mild temperatures around 6:30. By the time I got close to the bay waters, I ran into a lot of ground fog. I stepped on the accelerator and crossed the JFK Causeway to then pull off the island highway to stop at Packery Channel Park to take photos of the ground fog as the sun came up in the east. Here's what I saw: Behind me, as I was watching the sunrise, the moon was over my shoulder; through the misty air, I zoomed in... Arriving at Port Aransas, I went to Paradise Pond first. Only grackles, warblers, doves, grebes, and one heron atop the power pole. So, I hopped in the car and drove just down the road to turn off to go to another refuge. This one, highly damaged with Hurricane Harvey is still in disarray, but when I reached the barricade on foot, beyond the temporary fencing I could see that the town's park maintenance crew has been laying railroad tie pallets in the pond! That