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....on Such a Sunny Day!

About once a month I stop at the Botanical Gardens to walk the grounds. There are two lakes there [for my birding photo ops] and trails and boardwalks to the Oso Bay creek [it's been out of its banks for some time now because of the flooding rains and just now, finally receding]. The Gardens are preparing for the holidays with lighted palm trees and decorated Christmas trees. It was another beautiful, sunny day. This is what I saw: Butterflies- On Gator Lake- From the Bird Tower, I spotted a few waterfowl: Coots and Ruddy Ducks.  And turtles. The larger lake, to the left of the boardwalk had, literally HUNDREDS OF American Coots. The covered observation deck faces both the larger lake AND the Gator Lake. It's called a palapa....actually palapa grande. Which, translating from the Spanish, means an open sided, usually thatched roof [frequently palm fronds], outdoor building. The Gardens' staff is re-thatching it right now, so the roof is no

What You See Below Could Be Considered a Science!!!

After Thanksgiving and around Christmas and New Year's, my sweet tooth comes out from hiding and I 'think' I need sugar fortification. Well, let me be honest here...between Erik and I it's a fight to the finish for home made pumpkin pie!! Been that way from the beginning of time. lol I guess I feel cheated when he takes the last slice of pie, and all I'm left with is licking the spoon of cool whip©.  I want some cheese with your whine, Anni? So, when Monday came around, I went over JFK Causeway and walked a bit along the beach, enjoying the cooler air. The breeze coming off the Gulf was more than cool!! It was downright cold. It cut right through my sweat pants.  The water temperature has been floating around 65 degrees and with the winds blowing off the shore, the feel like temp is probably in the upper 40s. That's cold when you consider the humidity factored in. But, after my walk, driving along Whitecap Beach Blvd....something magical d

73 Degrees! Blue Sky! A Great Afternoon Outing!!!

We had a wonderful few days with Erik....he arrived Wednesday and went home Sunday afternoon. We played board games, card games, took a few walks in parks, and ATE TOO MUCH. He fell in love with our Isaiah. And Isaiah took to him as soon as they met. The weather was awesome from Thanksgiving to Sunday couldn't have been a more perfect time... Hilltop Community Park... The jet streams were everywhere we looked. Guess air travel was at its peak for the holiday! Most of the wooded areas were still green, but upon closer inspection, there WAS some color changes! Trails galore, going in all directions, twisting, winding, and hilly. Butterflies were aplenty! But wait! Nearby, on the trail borders, I spied quite a lot of this low lying plant....Could it be poison oak? Three leaves...beware! How does the poison Ivy saying go? Is it LEAVES OF THREE, LET IT BE? Something like that....

Mr. Dickens and His Carol

This is a pre-scheduled post while I'm on a short holiday break, celebrating with Erik.  As I promised to make a critique of this book when I completely read it all.. . Reviewing this book I recently finished....I feel compelled to give it the MOST accolades possible. It is one of the BEST books I've EVER read! Of course, it must be mentioned that Charles Dickens' short story, A Christmas Carol, is one my favorite seasonal stories. I've read it several times, and watched most all movies made from the work. And plays, and musicals performed by professionals and amateur artists in local theaters. But coming back to the book...the author brings Mr. Dickens to life! I giggled, I bawled, I found myself short of breath at the ending. I didn't want it to end...and a little spoiler here, the ending has a very unexpected twist. Certainly, I can't say enough good of this piece of literature. I'm sure, for me and for those others that have read it will r