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Polly-nators & Dew-drop Inn...

Image POLLYwog ponds and along the seashore - - - - ...the above white trumpet blossoms looks like this before opening fully.... - - - -

History 101

You may recall the blog about the old ranch line camp that is found on the open land within the national park, Padre Island National Seashore. A while ago I took the Park Road from Mustang Island to Padre Island National Seashore to the end of the road [for two wheel drive vehicles]. I spent about an hour walking the shoreline, and then decided to get on home - yes, it was getting hot once again. I did stop at the new signage they added along the park road to read it. There were a couple. I like local history!! And I took photos of both for my day trippin' - - Since I resize my images, I'll add the text found on both 'cause the words lack clarity... 1- ONE OF A KIND The grassland prairie you see in front of you once covered approximately 13 million acres of coastal Texas and Louisiana. Because of extensive cattle ranching, farming, and development, only 2% of this coastal prairie habitat remains today; Padre Island National Seashore preserves this habitat --

The Dawn is Breaking!

Looking through the garage window early one morning I was seeing a color spectacle...and I needed my camera. I opened the door, and got outside, looking through the pecan tree...turning a few degrees to look north, then west...almost giving me a 360 degree view of the sky. Red Skies in the Morning...

C'mon Autumn!!!

Church Steeple in the Morning Mist On a still, warm, humid, morning, I drove to the river and the walk. Well, after the heavy flooding rain from the week prior there was still a lot of standing water here and there. I was amazed! At our home, the water soaked in in a couple of days... after the rain stopped falling...but I guess the difference in the 15 minute drive [at 75 MPH], the storm dropped a LOT more than in town where I live!!! There was evidence of the river being out of its banks and flooding some of the near-by park land. Normally dry grassy picnic areas, this was still under water. And the one with the trees in the foreground, look thru the branches and you can see a bit of the remnants of river water [near center of photo]... I didn't do too much walking. Too humid and my insect repellent wasn't working too well either. The air was close to suffocatingly still...nothing stirred; as you can see by the flag that flies over th

Bling!!! Bling....answer your phone, wouldya?

Since I lack much to talk about right now, and I WILL be outdoors at daybreak to begin working with pulling weeds and helping Bud trim bushes and trees, while even tho I will spray with insect repellent, the MESS KEET TOES will be relentless and hungry since the flooding rainfall... I thought this idea would be okay.  Just kinda a chit-chat post today. Question for you if you'd like to answer in the comments: "Do you like bling?" I am guilty as charged!! Anything that sparkles catches my eye. Here is just a sampling of my many many stuffs of bling... Christmas Tree Pin and Rhinestone Sandals   Rhinestone & Blue Earrings [I don't wear them much any longer tho, I don't go out these days after dark - to me they're evening wear] Onyx and Ivory barrette [I used to have long hair...this came in handy with the desert heat of Tucson so I could pin my hair back off my neck] Austrian Crystals in earring posts [these I'll still wear once in a while..

Tallest in the Americas?

It seems very fitting for this project [link] that is still underway...afterall, this is Corpus Christi [Spanish for "Body of Christ"] After the groundbreaking on January 31, the Federal Aviation Administration approved the structure to soar up to 230 feet. The Corpus Christi Cross Project upped the ante one more time, deciding to use every one of those approved feet. It would make Corpus Christi’s cross the second tallest in the world. Only the 492-foot cross at the Valley of the Fallen, a monument outside of Madrid, Spain, will be taller. (Which technically means if the Corpus Christi cross is constructed, the claim of everyone involved that it will be the tallest in the Western Hemisphere is inaccurate) the Valley of the Fallen is also geographically located in the Western Hemisphere. **   As if 230 feet of steel isn’t a strong enough visual, a beam of light will shoot into the air from atop the structure, “like God is pointing His finger into the cross,” Milby said