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All in a Morning Walk...

On the beach one morning, the people [at least some] are staking their claims for the last holiday of the summer....Labor Day are campers that more than likely will stay for the duration... ...then, there are perverts!! (I'm not sure I liked how that guy was watching those women!) ...and fishermen on the pier ...walking along the shore, I spotted some more brown pelicans. The moon was still up in the west as the sun made its appearance. I shot these three photos... ...It was getting to be mid morning, and I was looking for some relief from the hot sun. Finding it under the pier in the shade with a cool breeze coming in off the water... __ __ __ One more little ditty before I close this blog. If you're a frequent visitor here, you know I like to find heart shapes in the strange places. Well, one was an obvious drawing in the sand. While the other was the very same morning I drove to this beach and pier. While driving on the

Whistle While You Swim....

Between the towns of Fulton and Rockport Texas on the way to Goose Island State Park, there is a small pond that Ms. Castro's family dedicated it to her because of her love of birds....Linda Castro Sanctuary. A few weeks past, I stopped in and took a gander to see what I could find. Look closer to the first two images, you might find something near ma and pa... ...then, fully exposed bellied whistling ducks [and YES they DO whistle!!!!]

Flowers of Texas Are Upon You...

It's that time of year....I finished registering for the annual 5K Coastal Bend Heart Walk. This year it will be held on Saturday, October 6th, I look forward to - hopefully - beat my time from last year. _ - - - - _ You've heard of a theme park, Six Flags Over Texas? Well, this is Six Flowers Over Texas!!! [and a couple of butterflies added] Just 'cause I can. graphic designed by Anni from heart cllipart search with text added

Hawk Watch Platform...

Through August and November the annual hawk watch takes place daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the little town of Calallen, TX [part of the Corpus Christi annexation]. It takes place at Hazel Bazemore Park...the Nueces River, two ponds and the elevated platform for hawk watching. Daily, they have someone there; they're counters with their binoculars and little tickers...counting over the hours and recording the volumes during migration of hawks, osprey, egrets, anhingas, kites [bird], eagles, etc. - By the numbers at the end of the season, they are given grants for resarch through the following year.   Also, keeping track of the smaller migrants such as warblers, titmouses, many many kinds of sparrows, etc. and with luck, any vagrants that may fly over or decide to stop-over. But, I get there earlier! First, if I wait 'til the counters arrive at 9 a.m., it's too hot this time of year. 2nd...I don't like crowds [they talk too much and too loudly for my birding

By the Sea, by the sea...By the Beautiful Sea

I didn't get much bird watching done on Sunday this past week. Instead, I just took a leisurely walk along the shore... Through the lens, this was a beautiful sight!! Her parents were nearby fishing...and such a doll she was. Castle in the sand...quite intricate and detailed. No, Not Ramen Noodle soup!!  The seed is a tropical almond. Underneath the sea slime lurks a whole sand dollar.  I just left it there for someone else...years ago, it would've been different, but now, no need to have any more in our home, I have literally hundreds!!! read about the legend of the sand dollar here. _ _ _ _ About a week ago, I ordered a book about the Queen of the Desert. A biography, in short, of a woman who became a fact, creating some of the countries' boundaries in the middle east decades ago. It was quite interesting and took me a couple days reading it in its entirety. Thing is, ironically, my sister was in fact reading about the very s

What Are the Odds?

I'm going to begin and end this post with some things.... odd ... the Botanical Gardens, well hidden beneath a cactus plant...a rock!  Instantly, to me, it seemed like a human mask [Phantom of the Opera, kinda sorta?].  It's natural....not painted....I got down on the ground, and checked!!! ...a piece of rotting tree branch at Paradise Pond...I saw the heart of it all! ...slime covered oyster shells.  The odd thing was, for me, the distinct odor of rotting seaweed. ...what's odd about this?  Nothing really, except I don't know what kind of flower this is.  Oh, and there is a teeny tiny 'odd' bug on the petal. ...two things odd about this...first the fact I stood still long enough to get a photo of this snake!  I HATE SNAKES!!  Second, the leaf is heart shaped?  Odd something of beauty such as a heart can be near something so terrifying to me.  [Yes, it's caught a fish] ...odd!  What did this gull get into?  Oil? ...seeing dou