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The Village, the Harbor, the Dolphin and the Pass...

L eaving before daybreak, I was on the island highway [as usual this time of year], and taking a beach access road off State Road 361, I was able to watch the sun rise over the Gulf. And it was quite spectacular in colors and shadows!! There was a pink glow to the sun above the horizon… L eaving a few minutes later, in my rear view mirror, the dunes were still in shadow and the now orange glow of the sun appeared. I stopped. I then swerved the car a bit on the beach road to get a better view of it all through the passenger window… I t was a perfect way to kick start my morning. Altho, by the time I reached Port Aransas and walked around the two hotspot birding areas, the sun was beginning to bake anything and all things outdoors. I drove to the ferry landing and Robert’s Point Park and the village’s harbor. It was a busy harbor on this day!! From cargo ships, shrimp boats, the ferry barges, and small craft of the private owner kind!! Traffic was backing up along th

People Watching and A Family of Five ...

Other than taking the opportunity to be 'playing in the water' on such a sunny day, Bud and I washed the car I drive, together....oops! Sorry Bud, I didn't mean to squirt you with the hose!  The car  really needed to be cleaned...bugs from driving the island highway and the salty sea air plays havoc with my tinted windows...they're already dark, and the salt makes it kinda dangerous driving around sunrise. Got that done.  A much needed job of work. BEFORE we washed the car, I drove to Mustang Island and decided to just walk and do some people watching....the birds are noted to be arriving for their Fall Migration [the early birds], but I haven't seen much of the new arrivals yet. Of course, I haven't been looking for them much either. Besides, along the boat channel [Packery Channel, not the Ship Channel at Port Aransas], the most frequent birds seen are brown pelicans, egrets, and terns. Once I get to the beach area, the sea gulls take over. On t
Let me begin with my book review on the latest newly released book I bought at Barnes and Noble. Wow...what can I say? I'm really not sure just WHAT I was pretty jumbled; the author skipped around so much I wasn't sure what way was up by the time I finished reading each day. It didn't much improve. Aside from the historical characters, Prime Minister of England, Neville Chamberlain and Adolf Hitler, I again wasn't sure who was who and at times, in certain chapters, just which character the author was trying to verbalize. It took place in the 1930s with Hitler declaring he would demolish and possess Czechoslovakia while Chamberlain and French dignitaries tried to persuade Hitler for peace. I guess. There were also two 'main' side-kicks in the novel, Legat and first I thought they were both spies....then, another time one even said "I'm not a good spy"....but, what the heck were these two in the story for in the firs