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The "Doctor" Is In...

While I was at Rockport and walking the beach park, as I mentioned in a previous post, I also went to Linda Castro Sanctuary and then on to Tule Creek Trail before taking a lunch break. There, at Tule Creek Trail, I noticed an artist on the bridge. Curiosity got the better of me, and I walked up to investigate the work being done from her easel. We talked. She was working on a piece with oil pastels. Now, I've never done that, and the artist, Linda [not Linda Castro of the aforementioned sanctuary], was kind enough to give me some pointers if ever I wanted to begin learning. The next day, Bud wanted to go to the bookstore, and I walked over to Hobby Lobby and purchased some oil pastels, a pad of paper especially for pastels and a small table-top easel for indoor work Friday, I got up late, so going out in the extreme heat was not gonna happen!!  I began a project...All along since returning from the Jamaican cruise, I've had intentions of drawing [or painting

Dubbing at Dawn

I woke up way too early and couldn't get back to sleep, so I played on the computer to not wake up sleeping prince of Corpus...I opened my paintshop pro program and played...

Rockport Texas

On Tuesday Morning, the forecasted, predicted, high temperature along the coast was 93 degrees in Corpus, and in Rockport [north of Corpus Christi by 30 miles] it was to be around 85 degrees. I thought it has been nearly a year since I've been to Rockport's beach park, so I hopped in the car and drove up to the area. Now, I drove through the main street in town on highway 35 a couple of times heading to Galveston and Goose Island, but since Hurricane Harvey last August [last time I was at the beach park was July 2017] I have not been in town . Boy, once off the highway, I was again shocked...all my familiar landmarks were/are gone!! The art center, so many sculptures and icons IN the park grounds...gone! The covered pavilions [3 of them]...fenced off...too much damage done from Harvey - and of course human lives/homes/and livelihoods take precedence over park repairs. Anyway, it was a beautiful morning, and I easily walked my 10K steps within the park's boundaries.

Been Framed!!!

I've been ordering and framing some of my bird photos I've taken, and saved on the computer  for the walls, to add to my sanctuary.  I like to call it 'sanctuary',,,Bud has begun calling it 'The Bird House'... Altamira Oriole, Golden Eagle, Female Green Kingfisher Snowy Owl, Violet Crowned Hummingbird, Aplomado Falcon, Red Knot, Bay Breasted Warbler, Mississippi Kite Ringed Kingfisher The white blossom is Mexican Olive [I thought "Lonestar...on the Texas Flag"] - A favorite birding area that is getting a facelift after last year's hurricane, and my Don Juan Climbing rose

Hash Tag? Or Pound Symbol?

I've often said that too many people follow those in the profession of acting. Especially those that are politically inclined to follow those said actors/entertainers that work hours in the year portraying fictional characters and living from day to day in a fantasy world!! Well...I rest my case, I was sent this & had to laugh--- 95% of Hollywood and liberals are ignorant--as an example... ...when you realize most adults in the world still read the symbol "#" as " pound" ...  and they named the women's movement against sexual harassment #METOO. Oh the irony and ignorance! Clipart courtesy of Google Images ____-_____ Corpus Christi has the distinction of being called "The Sparkling City by the Bay" And as I was walking along the shore near Bob Hall Pier the other morning, I came across this bird that seems to be saying...Poop on it!! The sign in smaller text above the marker number says to "keep it sparkling". Ha!! &

One Sunrise...Many Angles

Previous post...nighttime. This post...the breaking of daylight! It was such a beautiful sky driving early in the morning. I had to pull off on the highway shoulder to take a photo. Then, when I arrived to the park just minutes later, I continued with the many angles of the area and the sun... black bellied whistling ducks flew over...