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Packery Channel...North Padre Island

A day trip to Packery Channel this time around... ...wildflowers and a flock of birds over-head flight!

...and the wind blew a gale!!!

Shortly after the calm sea on our cruise the entire trip, after being home about a week, I decided to go walking along the Gulf Shore at Packery Channel. The wind was fierce, the sea rough... [these are not black and white photos...just a gray day] a small alcove, out of the wind a crab was feeding!

What a Day This Has Been!!!

IN THE NEWS: Bill Cosby was found GUILTY on three accounts of his retrial....10 years each!!!! Now that that is off my chest, I'll get to my blog post. I've been very busy. Yard work, house work, and the all important migratory birds and photographing them. On Tuesday, I drove to Refugio, Texas once more. I left early and came home late. Another day, a hawk watch friend invited us to his backyard for a sighting of a very rare hummingbird at his feeders! I got there about 9:00 a.m., and by 9:45 I was ready to leave. I forgot to use bug/mosquito repellent and I was being eaten alive! lol....besides, the rare hummingbird made an appearance, I had my photos of it for the record, and I thought since I'm out and about, I might as well go to another park and get some walking in. Another day, another park...Again, I found and recorded with photos, another rarity here in South Texas...a special oriole. Photos are being worked on and getting primed to fill more frames

Sunday Morning...

Sunday morning I walked two small parks in town...the air was cool, the breeze was gentle, and the sun was bright!! The Lake was sparkling!!! The birds were singing.... Arriving back home, and after I ate my lunch and finished my chores for the day, I sat outside and read my book...but not for long. I had to go in and load my camera with its card and get back outside, hidden in the shadows of the tree and watched the humming birds at the two feeders...

Yard Colors...

Bird, Feeding Station Although Springtime flowers and greenery have been here for a couple of weeks now, I've been posting trip photos instead. Now that that chore is complete, I thought I'd share some of our flowers and blooms found in our back yard... rose colored multi-petaled hibiscus, Don Juan Climbing rose, and Gardenia blossoms Amaryllis, Purple  Durante, new Hummingbird Feeder, Hybrid hibiscus [variegated leaves] Red Geranium, Pomegranate blossom, Heart Twirler, Pink blossom [I don't recall the name of this bush...China something?] Thorny Cactus blossoms [I moved this potted plant from Tucson when we lived there, only to split the mother plant into 4 small pots], and again, the pomegranate tree..a flower bud. ...ending this post with a rosebud!! Also, bird migration is at its height now in this area!! I've been going out on many day trips to 'catch some good birds in photos!!' Posted on Ebird for Sout