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Jamaica Mahn!!!!

I'm back!! My sister and I had a special Sister's Day celebration planned for over a year now. On Sister's Day 2018, we boarded a cruise ship. We went to the Caribbean...three ports, to Jamaica!! I'm now back in the USofA, and will begin catching up on laundry, over 600 photos taken from the ship and our ports of call, along with some excursions we had planned once we docked at our towns.  And LOST SLEEP. For now, just a few photos.  From Galveston Texas, Cozumel, Mexico to Grand Cayman and Jamaica...

Long in the Planning

This will be my last post for about two weeks! I have a couple of posts pre-scheduled on my bird photo blog for the Bird D'Pot's meme to be active each Saturday in my absence. CLICK HERE.   A few posts back, I mentioned March will be a busy month.  I am gonna be offline without access to any computer and probably won't be using my phone much either. Besides, I won't wanna ruin my time away with emails, texting, blogging, etc..].so, I thought I'd share some of the beautiful Spring wildflowers at Oso Bay recently [the Texas Bluebonnets along the interstate were dazzling and I took photos of those too, I'll post those when I return to blog].  Just to bid you adieu for now: See you when I return to the States!!!

"Thar She Blows!!!"

If you're my generation, invented and still popular since you remember the craze of the Lava Lamps? Did you have one? I did...and still do. I actually plugged it in and it still works!!  I read online, which made me want to start mine again, that even today they sell close to 800,000 of these a year. 

Padre Island

The last couple of days I've been on the beaches....BEFORE the Spring Breakers arrive for the week/weekend! It's always a mess, traffic-wise 'cause they make the access roads to the beaches one-way and driving the sands can be a bit treacherous since the numbers of college students, drinking and partying, can lose their senses. Not to mention the hour long traffic jams!! lol So, I stay away for the week. One day I drove to Padre Island National Seashore for some quiet time. The sun was out, the breeze was mild, but still a bit of winter chill in the air. It was a very pleasant walk. A couple of senior citizens were lounging by the shore on their lawn chairs...the 'wife' was all a'snooze. The sea was moderately choppy and active.  Many, many jellyfish were washing ashore [both the cauliflower -pictured- and the man o' war].  Along Bird Basin [half way between the federal park's entrance gate and the visitor center]...across the water,

Like PoTAYto, Pahtahto...There's ROOSTING & ROASTING.

March 6th afternoon: My youngest Grandson, Dillon, turned 22 yesterday.  Just call me Ancient Anni!! Weather sure puts a damper on plans. In our area of town, rains have been pouring out of the sky for hours. I guess I shouldn't complain comparing our storms with those in the Northeast USA. So, I won't. But, I'm bored and really not prepared to do much in blogging with any series of events or anything of the kind. This will be an eclectic conglomeration of photos that are recent. Oh, and one screenshot from my smartphone that just made me laugh. I'll save that 'til the end of this post. This following photo was taken of the sky as I was driving home from the grocery store. And, it's not even football season, but first thing I saw in the cloud formation was the Houston Texans [NFL] logo. Do you see it too? Well, come has to be CLOSE to the logo... here's the real logo to check out - - - - While it's been too wet to

Yucca, Firewheels, Crab Residency and Oscars...

As I walked the trail yesterday morning, I then realized that the yucca plants were in full bloom everywhere! And the Texas firewheels are beginning to colorize the trail shoulders; low and sometimes hidden in the wild grass... Yucca Texas Firewheel - - - - The cloud formations were dazzling!!! - - - - ....and along the breaker near the pier on North Bay, I spotted a whole shell underwater... a whelk! Upon further investigation, a hermit crab had taken over residency--- * * *---* * * Regarding the Oscar Ceremony last night. My favorite fashion was worn by Jennifer Garner... the electric blue gown! Gorgeous. And, I was pleased with the outcome of the awards that I was interested in. 3 Billboards didn't get the best picture [thank goodness], but Ms. McDormand won for best actress. In my previous post I mentioned that she did a stellar job of playing her role. AND I also mentioned that I hoped Darkest Hour would win the make-up an