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Oh the Sun Came Out! For a Little While!!!

Palm Trees line the streets and medians along Shoreline Blvd. There is a very small area with a sandy beach right in the heart of downtown Corpus Christi...between the T-heads and coastline hotels. During the winter months, the beach is quiet and, if lucky, you can find sea glass (sea glass is sand washed glass that has been eroded to a smooth, somewhat opaque discoloration and often used for jewelry making).  Since it was cloudy in the morning, and my first intended destination was nixed 'cause of an accident closing the northbound lanes over the harbor bridge, I decided to stop at the beach and walk the distance with adding more steps to my daily count going beyond and into a city park... From the beach, looking toward the bluff, many churches line the streets... For surge protection [tropical storms and hurricanes], the city has the seawall, AND a breaker. I walked out partially... Views from the beach: Just one skyscraper in this photo [there are

Ooh, ooh Ah, Rag doll ooh....

When she was just a kid her clothes were hand-me-downs They always laughed at her when she came into town Called her Rag Doll Little Rag Doll Such a pretty face Should be dressed in lace Ooh, ooh Ah, Rag doll ooh, ooh Rag doll, ooh song lyrics here Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted one! A 'black one' that is.  I don't know why, so don't ask...I just did. I'd like to introduce you to Raggedy Ree!! Long ago, I had a Raggedy Ann[i], but have no idea where she went once I married. Ree is now part of our family after taking days to construct her...dreadlocks and all. What does Ree mean? Ree as a girls' name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Ree is "to bind". [I chose this as a 'slavery' name being bound by her owner in ancestral origins - besides needing a one syllable name.  Raggedy Ree just flows off the tongue.] Ree is an alternate spelling of Rebecca (Hebrew). Biblical: Rebekah. Ree is

Alligator or Dinosaur? - - -

I took off early one morning taking my art connection [2] with me to stash somewhere in the park. I chose a close-by refuge along the bay to 'hide' them in plain sight. The first one is near the entrance to the refuge, the 2nd one I walked the trail and veered off the trail where I knew there was a bench with the overview of the water, hidden in the tree-line that drapes the trail in shade during the summer... After I finished walking the trail and turned around to go back to the observation platform, I then got back in the car and drove to the other side of the bay where the NAS [naval air station] and the Oso Bay Texas A/M campus is to check out the waterfowl in that vicinity. By the time I arrived, the wind had kicked up and as I walked the shoreline of the bay side, I had to fight for balance. It was warm, but the high velocity of the wind kept my walk short. I did see a lot of birds hunkering down on the leeward...gulls, terns, willets, skimmers, pelicans,

Moody Blues...

HAPPY HOODIE HOO DAY! According to last evening's local newscast, and the weather segment, since January 1st of 2018, Corpus Christi has had FOUR days of sun!! The rest of the days...over fifty; the sky has been overcast and gray. I know I've said this many times now, but I really need the bright sun to come out and stay for a while! To show you some of the days....tho intermittent with some sunshine now and then, I share the moody sky. Starting with the total eclipse of the moon on January 31st... Seagulls taking off over Oso Bay - North Shore Pier Patchy Fog on the Pollywog Trail - Looking out from the bay toward the Gulf of Mexico Jet contrail behind the silhouetted tree - Semi truck in the fog...climbing the Harbor Bridge Mackerel Sky [clouds]...embiggen it and notice the plane!  - Filtered sunlight in the park! ...and the forecast for the next few days, I need to acquire some gills to survive; or so it seems!!! HEAVY RAIN

A day in the 'hood...

SPRING IS HERE!!  The Mesquite trees are budding out! Yesterday I walked around Port A. The town is improving...things are getting cleaned up. Readying for Spring Breakers I imagine. After hitting my birding hotspots, I decided to take the 'secretive' walkway around the back side of the ship channel and head to see what improvements, if any, were unknown to most of us 'locals'. Well, I parked my car and walked the 2 mile path. Found myself a bit surprised and shocked, yet not expecting much done... The state and county are dredging the ship channel...eventually they are going to deepen the 'cut' for larger ships.  The abrupt ending of the path is where there used to be a deck and bench to view the lake.  The deck and bench were washed out during the hurricane! On the main path to all the boardwalks meandering along the salt flats...of course it too was highly damaged...the other photo shows why - the channel's breaker was washed out an