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Oh Deer, What Can the Matter Be?

For nearly a week I haven't felt 'up to par' and didn't want to even get online much. Saturday past it was a gloomy day and I actually had Bud start a fire in the fireplace...sat by the heat and enjoyed the warmth, finished one book and began reading another. Still, on Saturday, In less than a couple hours' time, we received close to four inches of rain and the neighborhood streets were flooded..clear up from the street to half of our front yard was under water! Made me feel even more lethargic. lol The last couple of days I have felt better along with the bright sunshine, I even got out of the house and did some walking, tho there is standing water around town... ...when I entered the park I saw two deer right away, running across the small picnic area...into the bushes. I didn't have my camera on and by the time I got parked, they were long gone, hidden in the outcroppings beyond the grassy edges. I drove around the pond to park in the sectio


So...early on a mild morning this week, I found myself driving just before sunrise, to see if I could find two birds for the week. One, I've seen before, but never got a decent photo of it for my photo framed walls. The other, a rare bird, one of which I've never seen before, that was sighted in a small community between the interstate 69 Corridor and Portland, Texas. [this photo is of some of the oil refineries along the outskirts of the city...just before the sun came up.] After trying to find the 'one that got away' without a good photo, and not finding it...I left that area and headed to my other planned destination...When i got to the highway sign that said "Bayside" I veered to exit, and crossed the railroad tracks, to come up on a street sign that shows me Highway 136...but the sign also showed me a two-way arrow!!! 🡸136 🡺 Hmmmm, I guessed I could go either way and get heading in the right direction!! I turned right. Driving through the &

No Dumping HERE

On Sunday Bud and I took a drive just to get out of the house before the playoff games began [I wasn't thrilled with the two teams that will vie for the super bowl game either]. Anyway, it began a bit overcast and there was a chilly wind blowin'!! We ended up in Port A on the island, and was hoping to see the two Whooping Cranes that have been reported on our local news. But, at the time we luck. I didn't take many photos that day either, except for these: On the island, as I have said so very often since Hurricane Harvey, there is still a lot of repair work being done where hardest hit. A luxury subdivision was one area that had a lot of roof damage on the homes...and even on Sunday...the contractors were hard at work replacing slate [tile] shingles on homes...and then when I stopped the car, on a cul de sac, to get out and view the ponds in the back of these homes for bird activity, I spotted this sign and had to laugh.... ...why? Ironic

Dining on Raw Oysters...

...not me!! Not on your life! I will not EVER eat raw seafood. But.... American Oyster Catchers a nearby 'park' there are many many oyster beds [or some call them oyster reefs]. When the tide is low, the beds are visible to us humans and most times I can find shore birds in search of the many kibbles and bits of raw oysters and other crustaceans readily available on their menu. [The darkened areas in the low tide are oysters.] History of this area tells us that the oyster shells and during low tide...BEFORE causeways and bridges were built, travelers would use the shells/sand and lack of water as a 'highway'  to get to the trading post/and early time Corpus Christi, from across the bay!!!

The Shape of Things to Come...

Are you like me? Do you look at clouds and see something in the formation? Does a cluster of leaves, way off in the distance, on a high tree branch resemble an animal/bird? The coffee shop specialties with design cream/froth; do they look like a fleur de lis to you? If so, I am not alone then!! A few weeks back, when I was trekking Malaquite Beach at Padre Island National Seashore [federal park], I was nearing my 10K step total, and decided it was time to turn around to get back in the car and return home. As I watched for any other birds out along the shoreline, I too was looking at my feet at times to search for sea beans and/or shells. Whole shells; not the many broken ones seen all over the shifting sand. Then, of course, being a bit 'bird brained' I spotted a small piece of driftwood that the more I looked at it, the more I could 'see' resemblance of a hummingbird!!! I put the piece of wood in the car's trunk and headed out of the parking lot

More photos of park...

On Interstate 69 heading into the town where Lion's Park is, crossing the Mission River... Part was much prettier this time walking...the ponds were cleaned out, the paths were once again walkable without avoiding large fallen tree debris, the sky was beautiful, the leaves were golden!! If you missed PART I of the walk in the Park, click HERE