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...but the fire inside's delightful!!!

1] If pro is the opposite of con, what would then be the opposite of progress? 2] Whoever said "nothing is impossible" clearly never tried slamming a revolving door. 3] Being British means driving your German car to an Irish pub to have a Belgian beer, then grabbing an Indian curry or a Turkish kebab on the way home where you rest on Swedish furniture and watch American shows on a Japanese TV. 4] It's funny how many people get mad when a sentence doesn't end as they carrot juice. 5] I heard the Secret Service had to change their commands. They can't say "Get down!" anymore when the President is under attack. Now it's "Donald! Duck!" 6] Vegans believe meat eaters and butchers are gross. But those who sell you fruits and vegetables are grocer. - - - The week of Christmas and after, the weather certainly didn't cooperate for us and our company. It was cold, gray, and drizzling all but one day! T

2017 - 12 Months in Pictures...

We have company for the holidays arriving here around noon on the 20th, so I will not be online much, if at all, during the visiting. I will take this time to share one photo taken each month during the year 2017.   Most of the year was a good one...there were trials to overcome and yet, good, happy days.  2017 will go down in my own personal history...I survived a hurricane coming into our city at a category 5 when it made landfall, luckily, for us in Corpus we got the 'back side' of the coulda been a lot worse!!! I survived a 2nd snowstorm since we've lived here in south Texas, and so much more.  Right now tho, instead of going into any more detail, I will share from my photo cache from each month [I save the photos by month so I know what time of year to return to places of interest]:   A year in review.... JANUARY:   Yucca along the Nature Trail at Padre Island National Seashore Park FEBRUARY:  Bougainvillea along Sand Dollar Drive near Packery Chann


Life size Nativity in town... Sunday morning before the football games were televised, I had to get to the store to buy some groceries for snacking and dinner that night. The sun was out, the sky was clear, and before we headed to the store, we drove to a home in town that was shown on the local news. The owner of the home has annually created a Christmas yard display...adding to it every year. I admit, we were there many years ago, and when we found the house this year, IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! Let me describe it a bit first. In his yard, he builds his own stable, using natural-found things with the likes of palm fronds, spanish moss, driftwood and stone. EVERYTHING he creates is life-sized! - - -  On the opposite side of town there is a large neighborhood that is called Candy Cane Lane [not just one street, but several] that is decorated with lights!!!! More of our tree with lights glowing on the decorations - angels, icicles, ornaments and snowflakes...

Whispers of the Forest....

Oftentimes when I do drive up to the area of Pollywog Ponds, the trails that go off into the woodsy areas, off of the main path, the high grasses and dense growth along the paths keeps me from taking those extra routes ... for many reasons. Wet knee-high grass, venomous snakes [copperheads, coral, and water moccasins], spider webs woven across the path from tree to tree, and wood ticks that are hidden in the grass!! So, when the paths ARE mowed by the city crews, I take advantage of it all, and walk through the medieval forest of calm and solitude. Sometimes, when I'm in there, alone, I let my imagination run wild... a knight in shining armor astride a black Andalusian , watching me in the thicket as his steed's breath creates a foggy mist; he follows me through the shadows! I listen to all sounds around me...sometimes I stop to search for critters...other times, just enjoy being alone in the woods!!! Several days ago the trails were mowed down...This day, I was equipp