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Part II

...continued from previous post: After watching the deer for a while, and once it left the area, I checked out the 2nd gazebo seeing nothing that swims or moves, so I returned to Packery Channel Park and left in the car to drive to the waterway to walk toward the Gulf and the beach. The morning was perfect. The temperature was mild, the winds were calm, the fish were jumping, and the quiet made for a pleasant walk. The sand dunes had a golden glow, the sky was clear and blue.  The sea oats were swaying in the gentle breeze and the wildflowers had early morning dew kissing the petals... The hour was early. And like me, the day-break risers, fishermen were out in droves!! Some along the jetty, some taking their boats out to sea. A gentleman on one side of the jetty was netting live bait while on the other side a gentleman had just reeled in a catfish only to throw it back in the water ... Getting to the end of the jetty that juts out into the Gulf, I stopped and

Sunrise Stroll...

I had plans to begin decorating for Christmas, but I wanted to get out and do my walking before the day began with my 'work' at home. I left shortly before sunrise and got to the causeway just as the sun began to break from the clouds on the horizon. I pulled over before climbing the bridge that drops down on Padre Island, and took some photos... Once I got through the first traffic light on the park highway, I veered off to my first stop: Packery Channel Park. As I entered the first section of the park and boardwalk along the Live Oak Motte, the eastern sky was becoming white hot... As I walked on the northern boardwalk the birds musta all been still asleep, roosting wherever they go at night. A few, a mockingbird, a myrtle warbler, and a pair of american kestrels soaring above me were seen. On the distant horizon I spotted an egret and a couple of brown pelicans along the bay's shore. Returning the way I had come to the end of the viewing dec

Sights but No Sound...

During Thanksgiving day, and waiting for the Dallas Cowboys game to begin, I took some time to sit in the sun out on the patio after the big meal. When I opened the door to step on to the patio, a squirrel was sittin' on top of the dog-eared fence slats; also enjoying the warm sun. He stared at me as I slowly backed into the house for my cellphone that was laying on the table 'cause I rarely take my phone out in the yard for fear of dropping it.  I tried ever so quietly to get outdoors again without it scurrying away. Well, he moved as I stepped out the door, but didn't leave. Instead he played what would probably be hide and seek - - squirrel style!!  See his nose on the last photo to the left [between the slats?]  He was watching me!!!! Then, I take this road home very often. And I have had to stop at the traffic light almost as often. While I sat and waited for the light to change, I checked my text messages. Then, I looked to my left. Thing is, as I sai

Tomorrow is Yesterday's Today

As Scarlet in Gone With the Wind stated, I'll think about that tomorrow!  And the song lyrics, Oh Let's Forget About Tomorrow, for Tomorrow Never Comes.... It's been a stress filled week for me and Bud... First, my nephew of 53 had a heart attack at work.  He's okay now, had a stent placed in one clogged artery.  That's way too young.  Then, I had an appointment with my cardiologist.  The staff always reminds me to get there 15 minutes early to check in, pay the co-pay and WAIT.  I got in the examining room and waited for the doctor, and waited and waited.  OVER two hours!!!  By the time I got home I had been gone for nearly 3 hours.  To ease my stress, I demanded my check at the cashier/reception desk, and told them "I may not work outside the home any more, but MY time is just as valuable as the doctor's time."  I left without seeing him, and I'm glad I did.  Thing is I am now debating whether to seek a new cardiologist?  More stress!!!!!

Laugh and the World Laughs With You...

Before I get to my hike from a few weeks ago, I'd like to post these thoughts... 1]   ...duh, y'think? 2]   ...they went that'a way! No...they went that'a way!! 3]   ...can you see 'em now? [hint: fish and turtle! Bird is obvious!!] 4]   ...Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls - Step right up, step right up. Watch the amazing , the daring , never before seen FEET of Sandy the Piper's broad jump. Lastly 5]   ...this one made no SCENTS! - - - Now then, my hike: It was a new, but all too short trail head. The trail is called Bear Creek. I saw no bears, nor creeks except for stagnant water in a drainage ditch. But the walkway was nice, level, clean and lots of curves to keep the momentum up and distance markers here and there to the end, where there is a turn-around to reverse your direction and return to the beginning: NOTE: This will be my last blog post until after Thanksgiving. May all who celebrate the seaso