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"G"....It's a Favorite Day...Halloween!!!!

GHOSTS Watching an episode of NCIS New Orleans, Dead Man Calling , it was so convincingly true that I had to do some research to see if the 'ghost' was real! [New Orleans has many ghost tours!!]  The synopsis:  In short, this particular show was about the history of an unsolved murder from 1867 all with a well-known New Orleans' family history...the Anderson family secret.  Well, using the public records, grave stones and burial records, and genealogy sites online, there is no listing of a certain Cornelius LaRue [the ghost].  Still, there happens to be a big "BUT" in this search....there are a lot of Anderson's listed in the state of Louisiana/Orleans Parish records!!  The eerie part of this is...there are many, many names listed with the surname Anderson that has the middle name of....yep....LaRue!!  Spooky. ghost image courtesy of Google Images A BIT GHOULISH An Historic Cemetery Nuecestown Texas [before Corpus Christi was established] GRIM, GRO

NFL...."Not For Long"

This is not my letter...rec'd from a family member [thru email] - I had to share it!!! To the NFL and its players, If I have brain cancer, I don’t ask my dentist what I should do. If my car has a problem, I don’t seek help from a plumber! Why do you think the public cares what a football player thinks about politics? If we want to know about football, then depending on the information we seek, we might consult with you, but even a quarterback doesn’t seek advice on playing his position from a defensive tackle! You seem to have this over-inflated view of yourselves, thinking because you enjoy working on such a large scale stage, that somehow your opinion about everything matters. The NFL realizes the importance of its “image” so it has rules that specify the clothes and insignia you can wear, the language you use, and your “antics” after a touchdown or other “great” play. But somehow you and your employer don’t seem to care that you disgrace the entire nation and its 320

Even for Squirrels...

Image is a serious subject. :-)

Sunrise Over the Gulf...

I mentioned I stopped along the road and rolled the window down to get photos of the beautiful sunrise on Sunday morning. I was headed to Port A, on Mustang Island. As I watched the clouds driving over JFK Causeway, I put a little bit more weight on the accelerator to get on the highway so I could pull over safely. After taking a couple of photos with the pinks and lavenders reflecting on the water's surface, I drove on to the first beach access road and stopped at the barricades [high tide was keeping vehicles from entering], and climbed over the sandhills to snap more of the red orange glow in the sky. As the minutes passed, the water became silver while the sun; golden... After my disappointing revelations of the two birding areas, I then drove to the beach and jetty. At this hour there were many, many fishermen, both the two legged kind AND the feathered kind. I preferred watching the feathered kind! Along the shore there was a bucket with live bait [small fish] -

It Was a Beautiful Sunrise....BUT:

I started out early...way early, before sunrise. By the time I got to North Padre Island the horizon was pink with the sun behind the clouds. "It's gonna be a beautiful day! The sunrise will be the beginning of a perfect setting." I pulled off the highway and rolled down my window to view the glory in silence of an awakening morning on the island!! My rapture was quickly broken when I reached Port Aransas tho!  Recently I noticed on the website for birders, where they have sightings of birds in my area, that a 'hot spot' in Port Aransas had some birds seen over the weekend!! I thought, "it must be back open to enter"!! I had to see if that was true. Well, partially true. Yes, the fallen trees as you enter had been cleared out. ..and there were three volunteers working in the flower gardens. I asked if the area was once again accessible and the reply was "As far as you can go....the boardwalk is no longer there!" I continued o