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On A Hazy Morning Stroll...

While I was nearing my car parked on a small incline near the jetty, I kept my eye on the incoming and outgoing foreign ships. As I mentioned, I wasn't able to get UP on the jetty, so I tried to find a small hill to stand on to get the view of the channel waters and perhaps be lucky enough to have one of the many ships floating by in silence...perhaps I could spot a dolphin or two!! These two pastimes are always a personal favorite when I am at Port Aransas. It was a busy morning. Lydia Ann Lighthouse on the Aransas Pass [across the channel] side of the water; with a tour boat....and the bow of an incoming tanker and in the misty background an outgoing ship. Set at panoramic view the FU QUAN SHAN  leaving. From FleetMon website, I found that the ship is heading to Honduras, arriving on October 2nd... Two ships meet midway and the bow of a tanker/carrier from Hong Kong...the Fu Quan Shan ...did you notice the pelican? Lastly, stepping up on the extended dune to rai

Day Trippin'

A new title: My blog is now Hootin' Anni's DAY TRIPPIN'. 90% or more of my postings is about my walks and the scenery I see, so instead of recording by chronicles ... I am now trippin'.... * * * I couldn't take the absence away from Port Aransas and my curiosity was building, so yesterday I headed to see what has been done with their clean-up efforts. Of course I wasn't expecting to do any birding, I just wanted to see for my own eyes instead of relying on the "fake" news. [lol] When I arrived, I was flabbergasted!! Just outside the town I witnessed mountains [literally] of trash in an open field. Along the residential streets, still piles of debris. I think more than last month when I was last there. AEP [American Electric Power] fleet trucks were still out and about restoring downed wires/power poles, etc. Most of what I witnessed was new roofing and then tearing down of damaged sections of homes and businesses and the beginning

And the Rains Came...

Sunday morning I left home early to avoid the heat. The humidity was high already, rain was in the offing. As I stepped out of the car when I parked along the seawall, I could feel the morning clouds would build up, cover us with the darkness of the pending storms moving in on the horizon. It was time to start moving before I got soaked!!! Along the boardwalk and the Marina, most of the shrimp boats were still moored [tied up]; some were out to sea. The brown pelicans were mostly quiet, waiting for the return and their breakfast when the shrimpers throw the unwanted fish out alongside their boats. Always a virtual feast for the gulls and pelicans, and a free handout... ...Some private citizens were trying their luck for the catch of the day near the ships' channel, by the harbor. Their boat is dwarfed by the tanker leaving port... ...a couple sat quietly, with their hot coffee, watching the sun rise near one of the miradors [turret/gazebo] .. . The clou

Silhouette on Sunday....

I missed out! Bummer!! George Strait, who is a Country's top recording artist [and a part time resident of Rockport Texas where Hurricane Harvey made landfall last month], paid a visit to Rockport this Thursday. Bud and I had other plans, but only if I had known beforehand, I may have got his autograph and perhaps a life time opportunity to get a photo standing by him. Oh well.  Needless to say, all morning I've been humming one of my favorite George Strait songs... Amarillo by Morning . I just liked this 'cause of the "mushroom-form" cloud seen above my watermark signature Then, another day, another view of the morning cloud formations and one silhouette that I thought made a mighty pretty scene. These were all taken along the drive into Indian Point Park. The park, early that morning, was still gated shut. But, I sneaked under the gate and walked. I found out that there were still some downed-power lines along the road, so that explained the closure

More Damages Found...

In my previous post , some found the lizard and bird, others didn't. For those that didn't, here they are, outlined in a chiseled box: * * * So far this week, a couple of mornings I've left home early, just before sunrise to go on my step counting spree! lol Anyway, the moisture in the early morning hour makes for some spectacular skies and cloud formations...: ...and as I mentioned in my previous post, while walking along Packery Channel, I was surprised to see so much change on the far side of the channel [along the paved pathway from the beach]. The wind force from Hurricane Harvey just tore everything loose [the jigsaw landscaping, even the cement pathway in spots was washed out]. The north side, where I walked, of the channel was somewhat okay...spotty erosion, but nothing like the "other side"... I left this image very large to be able to see the damages better [click on it to enlarge]. After walking along the channel and