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South Bay Park...

Checking the Texas Bird Association for birds seen in my area , I noticed one listing that is NOT considered a 'hot spot' for birding. Yet, the 4 birds reported there, instigated me to search just where this was in town. It was a new park listed, which I had not known existed. But I got out my trusty Google maps and located it. Not far to drive, tho it was through a residential area for the most part, and ended at the park on the bay!! It was a small park! Very small. A neighborhood park. Perhaps only a block long and a block wide. But near the shore, looking out on the bay waters, I can see why the particular bird sighted would be in this vicinity. Piers, lots of water, and probably good fishing for them to find! The bird, tho I didn't see any, is the Magnificent Frigatebird . I have seen them during the summer months at Port Aransas, but none have ever been reported so close to home. I've been trying to avoid the island travel anyway because of road

Days of Yesteryear....

Remember the cartoons of yesteryear? With the likes of Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, Heckle and Jekyl, Mighty Mouse, etc. etc.? What went wrong with cartoons of today? They're all either too wishy-washy sweet, or too violent with crime, not to mention the evil computer games with so many that has the game played to the death!!   No comedy any more, what-so-ever.  Even stand up comedy has an evil side [Kathy Griffin comes to mind].  I miss Saturday Morning cartoons. Laughter is good medicine. Anyway, the purpose of my opening line is, ... yes, the cartoons of yesteryear! How many times were there airplanes in the cartoons depicted with faces such as this one . Which brings me to the photo I took while out on the beach, walking. I've been terribly influenced from Mel Blanc, Chuck Jones, and Walt Disney....I saw the Coast Guard plane, and immediately saw the smiling face!!!! - - - Then an old movie. Oftentimes when Bud and I witness a huge amount of vehic

Sunday Monring Silence...

This morning, Sunday, I woke up to a cloud-covered sky! Yipee, that meant there was a front that moved in and perhaps, even tho the humidity would still be high, at least it wouldn't be blistering outdoors; walking! A least as long as the clouds didn't break and then clear out. Please stay cloudy or at least partly cloudy long enough for me to get my 10K steps in....Outdoors!!! Yay!! I decided I didn't want to drive far; no island hopping for me today. I just drove to Oso Bay Wetlands that is about 10 minutes from home. It's all open area, mostly chaparral with cactus, mesquite trees, a small bay inlet, several elevated decks for nature lovers and birders. I like this place on a quiet Sunday morning. It's one of my favorite local spots. Best thing about it is ... it's ALL Pedestrian. In other words, NO Bicycles!!! They are prohibited. And several paths to choose, covering miles of area. I try to walk about 90% of them on my outing. The par

Yard Colors...

With all the posting I've been doing here of late, I bet you can tell, for the most part, I'm home a lot! Ya, blah, blah, blah. And to think, we have three more months of this inferno. Well, maybe by August at least, the air might be drying out some. One can only hope. My epiphylums have been going absolutely berserk this year for some reason. A virtual blossoming bonanza. Even one morning, early, [they're night bloomers] when I went outside to water my potted plants on the patio, there were FIVE blossoms blooming at one time. I'm lucky if there are two blooming, but that day...five?!!! The back yard had such a wonderful fragrance!! The blossoms have a mixture of sandalwood and cinnamon...light and very pleasing. Nothing overly-sweet or over-powering. For the last several days I've been making a record of the 6" blossoms: Our two large crepe myrtles in the front yard along the driveway are top heavy with blossoms!! ...and the crepe m

Doubly Exposed.

With the newest app [News 360 - subject: photography ] on my phone, I'm reading all kinds of 'cool' ideas with photography. This one was simple: Double Exposure Early on Thursday morning, after Tropical Storm Cindy hit the Gulf Coast on the shores of Louisiana, I wanted to see the sea quality [surf and tide] in our area.  The sun had already risen from the horizon, the sky dappled in white clouds, yellow hues and blue lining.  Once again, the heat index was already soaring, the humidity was close to unbearable.  Since the surf was quiet, the waves minimal, I walked just a very short distance and drove back home.  Through the car's Blue Tooth/MyLink I talked with Erik, our son, who lives in Houston and he told me as I headed down the freeway [hands free cellphone], that Houston didn't get a drop of rain either.  Cindy musta petered out some.  At one time this past week she looked quite massive. Anyway, while on my short walk along the seaweed-laden beach