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49 and Counting...

The last couple of days we've had some very warm, windy, weather. I've gone out and walked about, but the birds are scarce because of the strong winds. So, I take photos of some of the areas I walk instead...

Recently, in the local news report I have as a phone app, the long sought after new sculpture is coming to our area. Along a road to one of my birding areas in town, there once was a Native American Burial Ground. Many archeological excavations have taken place long before new apartment buildings have been constructed [for college kids, since its within close range of the AandM campus]. Now that that is complete, and the buildings are going up like crazy, the land that was set aside within the Hans Suter Wildlife Refuge [on the Bay] will see the new bronze statue erected. A few months ago, the Native Americans and city council members had a ground breaking ceremony. They have constructed a ground level medicine wheel, and the bronze work of art will be in this area.  When completed, it will be a monument to honor the Native Tribes.   From a site online:
    The purpose of the monument is to commemorate the site know[n] as Callo del Oso, often referred to as 41NU2 by the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory, due to it’s historical and archeological significance. During the Late Archaic period (500 BC- 500 AD), different indigenous tribes brought their dead to be buried at this location. This location has been determined as the 2nd largest Indian burial ground in Texas. In the early 1930’s, the University of Texas published the results of several excavations. The evidence revealed hundreds of human remains in the area. 87% of the skeletal remains found in clay dunes laid on their left side facing the bay as the sun would rise over the water facing east. In total, Tx Dot has stated that the original burial site spanned over one mile of coast line. Moreover, the project is also working with an archeologist out of Austin to designate the area as a National Historical Site, registered by the National Registry.

- - -

Of course when I AM walking through parks, looking for a 'new' bird or a pretty bird that I've seen many times over, perched on a branch, I click away. Also, flowers, trees, reflecting water, etc. Here are some examples:

Palm trees are 'the norm' in some areas of our parks-

-following the song of a bird may prompt me to get my binoculars and view the branches. Some trees are homes to newly hatched birds, while some of the homes are now abandoned -

Altho there are numerous palm trees around town, another popular tree is the Live Oak! You can see them in most all parks and in yards or along the city's streets. ONCE in a WHILE you may see cypress trees [a favorite of mine]...yet the other day I 'stumbled' across an area, as I followed the flight of a red shouldered hawk, with the ground covered in pine needles!! I checked out the tree, and it was what looked like a ponderosa pine, which I remember from my home in Colorado... just don't see this much here! I had to stop and sniff the fragrance and just for an instant it took be back to my life two decades the Rocky Mountains.

- - -

I know for a fact that the nest in the photo above is NOT a Great Kiskadee nest [by the looks of it, it's probably a dove nest], I spotted two juvenile Kiskadees. Their bright yellow breast and black striped "helmet" is always eye catching. Besides I really like hearing their call. Yes, their call really can sound like 'Kiss Ka DEE'. Knowing these are youngsters from the flesh colored adult's beak is fully black, and these three have very short tails of a new fledging, the adult kiskadees' tails are much longer....

Also, a bit of trivia...tho there have been just a FEW vagrants, for the most part of the world of nature, in the United States, they're only found in TEXAS!  We Texans are privileged.  lol

- - -

Last but definitely not the least...On May 11th, Bud and I will celebrate 49 years of wedded bliss.  I will not be online again 'til after Mother's Day.  Hope you have a super time if you're a mom, celebrating with family.  Til then...

To My Sweet Cheeks, Bud... you!

ps...I do have a new bird photo meme set up to publish on Saturday at NOON.


  1. Happy anniversary, Anni! The four of us are rare breeds in this world. We mate for life!! The Kiskadee is gorgeous!! I want to see that medicine wheel! And the statue looks gorgeous! Now, are the apartments actually ON the burial ground, or beside it? Is the actual burial ground roped off and the statue will be there? I can't wait till your post of this.

  2. A fascinating piece of history. I didn't know they were there so early in that part of of the world.

  3. Happy 49th and have a wonderful time.. will be waiting to see what you did and saw on your mini vacation from us.. I love those pines and I love cypress and palms are my favorite, in fact trees are my thing. cant' wait for you to take pics of the new statue for us to see. we have burial mounds here also

  4. Happy anniversary. That is quite a milestone. Have a happy mothers day

  5. Have a very nice anniversary together, Anni. Congratulations to you and Bud. I really like the Kiskadee pictures and all of your trees as well.

  6. Happy Anniversary! A milestone by any measure!!

  7. Happy Mother's Day and also happy anniversary.

  8. Wow those are big palm trees. Happy Anniversary.
    Coffee is on

  9. Congratulations! Happy Anniversary!

  10. Happy anniversary from me, too! Congratulations on making it. And I love your pictures, as always. :-)

  11. First of all, happy Anniversary to you two! Secondly I am very happy the monument is being erected there at the site. A great way to memorialize and remember these Native Tribes. Finally, love the Kiskadee! Haven't been posting birds lately because of our trip...will return to it soon!