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Sunday Morning Breakdown....Part I

The short term drought finally ended on Sunday night. But the street-flooding storm that moved through our area most likely put a damper on those that had plans of Memorial Day Celebrations. Early in the morning, before the storm front moved in, I decided to take my 10K walk along the entire Seawall that is on the shoreline of the city. I kinda figured the island highway would be filled with traffic jams as most revelers would want to 'hit the beaches' for the holiday weekend. The boulevard that runs along the coast line is named Shoreline Blvd...residents here call it Shoreline Drive or just plain Shoreline, but the street signs say differently - shoreline boulevard . ...Potayto pahtahto... I began my walk at the fountain near the north end of town at the art museum, and walked southward toward the end of the walkway about a mile and a half away from me...a 3+ mile walk round trip -about 4 miles actually since I cut down People's Street to the shrimp boat docks in t

Looks Like We MADE It....

...but just in the nick of time!!! For the entire week, I've been watching the progress of the Supertanker, Anne, since it was reported that an historical event would occur in our midst. When I first heard about it, I got online to see where it was located...anchored at a port off the coast of Louisiana. Throughout the week, Anne's position was noted by me. After it left Galveston, Texas, I kept a close watch, as I learned shipping terminology as I went along for the ride of a lifetime [not literally of course]. During the week, I 'conversed' with the PR for the oil company located in Ingleside, Texas...just a short 17 miles from Corpus Christi, on the shore of Corpus Christi Bay. The last email from her was that she'd arrive sometime this week. Friday morning, when I woke up at 5:30 a.m., the first thing I did was get online to check where the ship was...."Constrained Draught", speed was 2.3 knots. She was close!!!! High tide was at 06:11.

If You Build it ... They Will Come

Recording by my cellphone: After viewing the crocodile behavior for a bit, another activity caught my roving eye. A Common Gallinule [aka Moorhen] was working hard at getting her nest to be 'just right'... Nesting Facts [courtesy of Cornell Ornithology Lab] Clutch size:  3-15 eggs Egg color:  speckled:  gray or buff Chicks:  born with eyes open ...from wikipedia search: Name:  Common Gallinule -but- This species was formerly called the Common Moorhen and is closely related to moorhen species in the Old World.  The term [name] is from Latin - Gallinula , roughly speaking  “chicken,” from gallīna “hen” ...Anni's Point of View: Obviously, being that its name means chicken, the chicken came first!!!!!!   And I'm not yolking!!

A Reptilian Morning

So, I logged in today, and clicked "new post" to begin writing something. I wasn't sure just what to write! I'll wing it... Yesterday, I drove back to the islands. It was such a beautiful morning. Clear skies, comfortable temperatures [mid 60s when I left home], and drier air without heavy humidity. I was ready to walk the boardwalk along Charlie's Pasture. Upon arriving I parked at my first stop. Luckily, I was the only one there at that hour. NICE! And quiet. I had the refuge all to myself; along with the birds singing and the gentle sea breeze blowing. Did I say it was quiet? Indeed...and just like I like it. I stopped to investigate this little marked cache before entering the area of the marsh. It was surrounded by broken branches and under some rock was a written notice... Leonabelle Turnbull Wildlife Refuge states "Red Eared Slider Nest" Now, if you aren't sure what a "red eared slider"'s a turtle

Supertanker? No...

It was raining and drizzly Monday, and the chances of seeing the scheduled supertanker come into the Port A's ship channel was highly unlikely. But, we drove there anyway. Our first stop upon arriving was the jetty at the channel; on the beach. Looking out to the Gulf waters, we couldn't see much of anything. The air was thick, the visibility was nearly nil beyond the end of the jetty. I got my binoculars and scouted out the horizon. While I saw very few ships anchored out there, there was NO supertanker! The 1st high tide had passed in the wee hours of the morning, and according to Bud, they just don't bring ships into a channel in the dark! Too dangerous... so, they remain anchored out to sea, until daylight. I know I didn't miss the tanker come in at 1 a.m. [high tide]. We stayed in the small town, birding, while the tide was receding and then coming into high tide for the 2nd time in the day; around 12:30PM. We drove to a couple of birding area

Bits and Pieces...

Not much going on here. It's a bit boring, so.... Saturday afternoon I was surfing for some new ideas for "hootin' headers". Of course with the blogger name of Hootin' Anni, I just figure the best way to convey the blog title is with an owl. In searching for something new, I found this awesome website with computer wallpapers. And many many owl wallpaper backgrounds. Free for personal use. What could be better? Well, with the super owl background, I then had to tweak the blog layout design since Blogger's layout is, by default, always centered.. I first made a matching header, then, I adjusted the main content to align to the right margin...resized the width of the blog/sidebar to fit my 1600x900 monitor and did some color coordination to 'match' the owl wallpaper. So, this is the finished design.  Of course you won't be able to see the new look if you're viewing with anything but a cpu. [the small image at the beginning is a full