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Easter's On its Way...

Ever since I was young, when my parents would wake us up early to go to the Sunrise Services, yes, I enjoyed that part of Easter Sunday. Maybe it WAS the anticipation of the afterward, I don't know...but I enjoyed the services because each season, our church had a play of the crucifixion and the story of how He suffered for our sins. My mother was VERY religious. A devout Christian...I grew up learning the Bible passages...she read from the Bible each evening. Sometimes she went off by herself or other times she'd read aloud to us all. Now that I'm grown, I think when she went off by herself to read, she was troubled by something only known to her. That's just my thoughts today as the years have passed, and I reminisce of the days gone by. Here again, maybe I think too much...who knows. I'm just reflecting as I type. Some time ago, our son, Erik, requested that Bud carve him a crucifix from wood.  Bud did such a great job of it...I loved it...and coveted it

West Guth Park...

After walking the new trail at Pollywog Ponds , I ventured over to another park. This one is a huge park, mainly for picnickers and children of all ages. There is a duck pond, a frisbee golf course, a senior center, a swimming pool, and lots of grassy areas with walking trails. It's also hilly, but not steep hills...a gradual degree of elevation or incline. Last Saturday, at one area near the pool, a dog training session was taking place. I walked over and sat on one of the picnic tables and watched a bit. Some, Doberman Pinchers, German Shepherds, Boxers, and others were very much aware of their owners! While others did what was commanded, and yet some could've cared less about the lessons. The Master of Ceremonies had a trail marked out for them to 'heel' while in other areas there was an obstacle course for the poochies. I found the Great Dane's choke chain collar a bit disturbing- it looked like it was being a bit of a torture lock on the neck [the l

A Taste Treat...for the Palate and the Eye...

Have you ever tasted this bread? I haven't ever tried it...until the other day. The store's bakery had a 50 cent off coupon, and I wanted to sample it. It looked delicious. I bought some fat free, low sodium, honey ham for sandwiches. Topping it off with lettuce, avocado and tomato slices. and for Bud who doesn't need to watch his food intake; mayonnaise. With cantaloupe balls and low salt corn chips...we had a mighty tasty lunch!! I even splurged and had a couple of sugar free almond cookies afterward. But the bread!! I'm sold!! I am definitely going to get MORE of it. Of course, being something new for my taste buds, I did a bit of research: The bread is generally made with sesame oil, which gives it a distinct aroma, and with a pattern baked into the top made by painting rice paste onto the surface prior to baking. The paste dries and cracks during the baking process. The rice paste crust also gives the bread a distinctive flavor. It has a crusty exte

Everything's Better With Bluebonnet [on it]

Once my wrist, shoulders and neck begin to ache from being at the keyboard for a long spell at a time doing a long thought out project of mine, I do get up and walk around some....then, to continue relaxing the tension caused by being at the computer, etc. I will read a bit before returning to tackle some more of the project. The 'new' book I'm now reading is a non-fiction biography.  The author  has written several books, both fiction and non-fiction, on the subject. So far, " Great Harry " is a fabulous book!! It reads like a novel, and begins with King Henry's birth. Her research from decades of writing/published works makes me...all the more accurate in historical value. What made this man tick? Why did so many women find him irresistible? Are the paintings and artifacts on his lifetime a close likeness? Being of royal blood, why the passion of precious jewels? Things like that...and this book promises to answer so many of my questions