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Sunday Driver!!

Stopping at the traffic light for it to turn green... the sun was rising Early Sunday morning I drove to the wildlife refuge in town to get an update on the Anhingas. When I first arrived neither of the two could be seen. I was a bit disappointed in thinking they 'flew the coop'! I continued walking down the boardwalk to the bay water and was transfixed by the sparkling water and morning sun.  The 'peppery-looking' specks in the low lying clouds just above the bay water are seagulls in flight.... The sea breeze was quite calm, tho the temperature was cool for a South Texas resident, it was still in the mid 60s. Returning to the Ahinga spot I found the female, tho she quickly dropped down into the brush. So, at least they were still there. I felt some relief. I headed to the pond in the park, and watched the cormorants, the ducks and egrets. On the way a beautiful honeysuckle blossom caught my eye... I figured by now, it was useless st

After Four Years Searching...

Thursday I had a wonderful birding experience! I'll share the photos on my birding photo blog someday. I'm still on cloud 9, and the photos are still on the camera for safe keeping right now. It'll be a couple of weeks probably, before I get them off and readied for blogging. I can tell you this, tho....Bud and I saw a bird [three of them actually] that I have been searching for for nearly FOUR YEARS; putting 100s of miles on the car's odometer in hopes of spotting this one, adorable, special bird!!! Finally... As my sister said to me over the phone when we last talked..."It's a red letter day!" I must mark February 23rd on the calendar. lol Anyway, we went to the wildlife refuge in town first. Yes, to check on the anhingas and breeding plumage. [The male is the one with the darker neck, the female has more brown in the neck] To update my vigil: The couple was still there in the vicinity, but no special colors....yet. This was again, on T

Photo Edit Phun...

Using some of my photos from folders on the computer, I played with LUNAPIC for a few minutes.  While adding my watermark, I also placed a small inset of the original photo... Filter -Dark Subject Photo -Tri-Colored Heron Filter -Picasso Subject Photo -Mexican Ground Squirrel Filter -Scribble Subject Photo -Ranch Camp House Filter -Space Subject Photo -Turtle Shell Lamp Shade [dining room] Filter -Nebula Subject Photo -Botanical Gardens Orchid

What A Difference A Day Makes....

Early Sunday morning, I took a trip to Port Aransas to walk the 2 mile boardwalk. Before stopping there, I took a detour to a nature center to see what birds were out at daybreak. A few. I climbed up on the observation deck and me and a boat tailed grackle had party. Well, I did. I don't think it liked me being an intruder to its territory. I was continually scorned!! And, I got some hilarious pictures of all the ruckus it created with some great facial expressions. While up there, I spied a beautiful Northern Harrier [one that is in my new frame seen below] and took several photos of it as it posed for me in the tall reeds. With my peripheral vision I also spied, off my left shoulder, BOOTS. The resident of two, Boots is the male. I would guess his length to be between 12-15 feet!! He's humongous. I took out my cellphone and followed him until he sneaked under boardwalk... The video is less than a minute long! Watch Boots as he slithers u

Wildlife Reguge in Town by the Bay

For the last couple of weeks, off and on, I've been watching a particular bird and hoping to see two of them. In the past we've had several appear in our area of Texas, then...become scarce.  If I did see two, perhaps they'll stick around during the breeding season long enough for me to see, in person, the breeding plumage of this species. So far, I've only viewed the more colorful plumage in guidebooks and online. Well, this week, I DID SEE TWO. Have they paired up? Are they one of each gender? I don't know...but, I will keep watching for them, and hope they don't leave the area before their courtship begins if they are indeed one male and one female. On a few of those days the past weeks, I've seen ONE for sure that's been 'out in the open' more. They're being quite elusive right now...remaining well-hidden in the foliage along the banks of the feeder canal. They're Anhingas [an HING ahs]-the 'hing' is like king] - A