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As of this writing [Thursday] the traditional Presidential Inaugural Luncheon for Donald Trump is gonna be? ---

This inaugural luncheon has been tradition since 1879
...ask me if I care?!!!

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Okay, I'm sure you know the commercial with the two claw-footed bathtubs. Well, you won't see 'em here!! When I saw this couple on the beach, it's the first thing I thought of...But, guessing their ages, I then changed my thoughts to this:

C. Alice: [texting her mate] "Dick? Did you take 'em?"
Dick: [responding] "I can't remember!"

ps...In 1942, when she was born, her mother named her Clarabelle Alice. As Clarabelle grew older, she legally changed her name to C. Alice 'cause everyone made fun of her name, Clarabelle!! Now...unforetold, her name change to C. Alice is giving her fits!! Should she get the courts to reinstate her birth name? What a dilemma. 

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"I'm the king of the World!"

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We have one Target store here in a strip mall. I was walking back to the car and their door opened to allow someone to exit, and the fragrance of their delicious popcorn made me stop, enter, and order a bag to munch on while going home. Well, I didn't eat too much 'cause I needed to pay attention to the traffic and keep both hands on the steering wheel. When I got home, I thought "Why not make what's leftover into popcorn balls?" I haven't had a popcorn ball in decades!!! In fact, I'm thinking the last time was for a Christmas holiday when my mother was still alive; she traditionally made two full recipes and added red food coloring in one batch, and green food coloring in the 2nd for seasonal had to be in the 1980s. So, I got out the ingredients, used my mother's recipe card that's been stashed away in a cupboard for a long time, cutting the recipe in half, and made me four popcorn balls!! Delicious. Sugary. Probably not all that healthy, but mighty tasty.  They're easy to make, very little time needed [about 10 minutes from start to finish].  Here is my mom's recipe:


Popped popcorn [about 6-8 cups fully popped]

1 cup sugar
1/2 cup light Karo™ Syrup
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1 - 1/2 teaspoons margarine
1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar [to be added later]
food coloring [optional]

Mix all ingredients except cream of tartar into a saucepan and bring to a boil over medium high heat. When full boil, add 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar, mix well. Pour over cooled popcorn, stir until all popcorn is well coated.The secret to make balls simple and not sticky on your hands...keep your hands moist with tap water...form into balls.

Allow to dry out somewhat before storing in bags. OR BETTER 'em all gone in one sittin' for a sugar high you won't soon forget.

One full batch will make about 8 balls depending on the size* you form. And you thought I'd say the size of your balls didn't you. I think not. I'm not that uncouth. I do have some manners to follow [sometimes!]

_ _ _

I see this pond and think: Icy Pewter

Grayness and silence surrounded my world.
A hush of reticence and calm...
Quietude, forbidden, and taboo in shadow
Still poetic, sacred; a veiled psalm -
In the distance a rhythmic current twirled.

Dark to Dawn as sunlight dribbled upon the water;
A gentle draft hoisted a faint scent of juniper
Drab and colorlessness soon evaporated,
the silence was broken...
The living around me awaken
Pond is silver, and diamondesque,
A new day unfurled
Birds sang their chorus in my world...
From me, another night was taken!

© 2017-
Hootin' Anni


  1. I love you humor, you nice photos and the recipe. Thank you!

  2. Icy pewter is good, my first thought was glitter of diamonds. gorgeous. I am with you on not caring whom or where the meal will be eaten. never did never will. I love popcorn, and have done the same thing at Target, it is so good there and the smell is like a drug. bring on the popcorn balls, never had them but would love them..

    1. They ARE good, both Target's and popcorn balls...the latter very sugary, but oh so good. Try 'em.

  3. I love that second shot!

    1. It's just like he's thinking he's 'king' doesn't it? Thanks Fi

  4. LOVE the poems, and this is the first popcorn ball recipe I have ever seen. I will save it to make later! Who is this Alice who changed her name? I haven't seen the commercial, but this sure is a sweet picture of these seniors sitting all alone by the beach.

  5. love the pelican...stunning! the shimmering water is very pretty. :)

  6. I fully expected to see pictures of those popcorn balls! Yes, your humor is priceless, Anni. :-)

  7. So I have to ask, do you care?
    I always hated that commercial.
    Well how about that, you had balls and even posted about it. Sorrycouldnt help myself I guess I am that uncouth 🙄

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed your post but then I always do :) Great to be visiting again and thank you so much for your sweet comments. Happy New Year!

  9. I haven't had a popcorn ball in forever but been eating lots of popcorn with my daughter from Popcorn Friday near where she lives. They only sell popcorn and have all kinds. My favorite has pecans with it. I never cared for that commercial.

  10. I don't think my grandkids have ever had popcorn balls. I'll make them next time they come to visit. Love the poetry.