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I LOVE Watchin' This Bird...I LOVE This Song!

This is a pre scheduled post. I am on blogging hiatus for now, but I made this video to share! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did watching it!!   ** There is a note below the image on how to disable autoplay with YouTube also. You may want to read my note on the 'how to' before you click on the linked image found directly below this text!! My 3 minute Video of an American Bittern -Click on image above to take you to my YouTube Channel!!  For a song background sound, turn on your speakers!!! ** Ps...if you'd like to disable YouTube's Autoplay feature [where YouTube automatically plays the next video] this: When YouTube opens, at the top right corner, you'll see that it's set on your browser to play the next on the radio button and it will shut off that feature! And, it should remember from one time to the next, as long as you have cookies/history up to date. "Take Me To Texas" Take me to Texas Two hundred


I'm gonna be AWOB [absent with-out blogging] for a while. Company arrives tomorrow [the 23rd] and will be here with us for a week or two. Hope you all have a wonderful, beautiful, holiday season!! I also have a video I captured with my cellphone pre scheduled [I hope it publishes in my absence] to open the day after Christmas ON THIS BLOG...and a couple of bird photography posts to publish on Saturday the 24th and the 31st at I'd Rather B Birdin' . So, if you find time in your busy schedule, stop by here on the 26th of December...or mosey on over to view some of my bird photography. The one pre scheduled for the 31st is a real special bird for Texas that'll give a surprise ending to 2016, my year of birding.... ...This is meant for you...

You'll Go Down in His-s-s-tor-r-ry!!

WATER UPDATE Late Sunday afternoon, the city of Corpus Christi's tap water ban was lifted. Of all the over two dozen water samples sent in for testing, the results were negative for any poisoning. I guess it's better to be safe than sorry...from what I read online that afternoon, the testing and observing for further contaminates will continue for weeks. We residents have been given an 'all clear' for the use of showering, cooking, laundering, drinking, with the tap water. I'm going to be a bit leery from here on out. ONLY using the water from the pipes when necessary. I think I will continue to use bottled water from now on with my cooking. I'm not sure I even want to dine out in a restaurant because of the water treatment any more.  But on 2nd thought, I'm sure there are many many MORE hidden secrets behind the kitchen doors in a restaurant other than the water situation.   And for me, trust with government officials just flew out the window in

C C C C - aka...

... C orpus C hristi C ontamination C atastrophe!!If you've listened to the news anytime in the past few days, you have heard about the water contamination in Corpus Christi!! Bud and I usually have a good supply of bottled water stored for emergencies [more likely hurricane threats - but we have cases for those "just in case" scenarios year 'round]. A bit more in this post, later... A COLD SNAP Ducks and Coots on the Feeder Canal at Hans Suter Refuge A Wintry Morning Sky on the Bay Walking in a local park, while stopping to view the ducks, egrets and herons, the icy arctic wind just cut right through me. [Yes, ARCTIC wind]. And tho it is supposed to warm up for a couple of days, the high predicted in the 80s, the front moves in and back down to the mid 30s for the morning low! And, yes, I've said it here before, when the thermometer reads 40 degrees or below, and the humidity mixed in, it feels like Colorado Rockies sub-zero temperature!

By the Beautiful Sea

... Arriving at the Jetty through the fog , and after watching those surfing the waves , I walked back to the beginning of the jetty and climbed down off the walkway to stroll along the shoreline. At times I looked out to the sea, other times I watched the gulls and terns as they fed along the sand and ebbing tide. Other times I looked down on the saltwater washed beach in search of a pretty shell or a whole sand dollar. In December and early January, along the Texas Coast, the chances of finding the larger shells or sand dollars is much higher than any time of year... [the photos of gulls & terns are COLOR...just a gray day!] ...When I saw this egret atop the sandbar, looking out to the sea, a song came to mind. From the movie The Resucers [long ago - 1977], when Penny was singing. "I'm lost at sea without a friend This journey, will it ever end? Who will rescue me?" The Rescuers Who Will Rescue Me video sung by Shelby Flint FOGGY MORNIN

Surfin' [Corpus Christi...USA]

...continuing on my walk in the foggy air, I mentioned previously that I stood on the jetty walkway to watch the surfers as I listened to the sound of the waves crashing on the boulders just below my feet... This particular morning the surf was a bit gnarly, so the surfers were getting in some good curls, while others rode the waves only to have a wipe out.... Early in the morning we'll be startin' out Some honeys will be coming along We're loading up our Woody With our boards inside And headin' out singing our song Come on (surfin') baby wait and see (surfin' safari) Yes I'm gonna (surfin') take you surfin' (surfin' safari)with me Come along (surfin') baby wait and see (surfin' safari) Yes I'm gonna (surfin') take you surfin' (surfin' safari)with me... © The Beach Boys ...time to call it a day! Let’s call it a day Let us say That we just can’t pretend. And we know it’s the end, Why delay? L