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Wow, have I got another good book! And, again, like the previous book I finished reading, The Immortal Nicholas, the author of my 'newest' book is Glenn Beck. Can the man write, or what? His creations just flow so swiftly and easily. He's becoming a favorite author. I also have to give some credit to his choice of grammatical errors!  [I really hate that in a publication]  This time around instead of fiction, this book is based on true events/people. More or less short biographies of those who were scandalous and dreamers of achieving goals in life to make something of themselves in the world. The book is DREAMERS AND DECEIVERS. The list of his subjects are
Grover Cleveland [president]
Edwin Armstrong [founder of radio/FM]
Woodrow Wilson [president]
Charles Ponzi [con artist]
Desi Arnas [from I Love Lucy fame - Lucille Ball]
Upton Sinclair [author]
*Alan Turing ['father of computer']
Alger Hiss [spy]
Walt Disney [animator]
Steve Jobs/John Lesseter [creators of Pixar]
*Now, I haven't finished the book yet. As of this blog post, I am going to continue with Alger Hiss. But the last subject I read blew me away. Well, the closing remarks by Mr. Beck blew me away at least!! I just completed the short bio of Alan Turing. He was a mathematical genius from Cambridge, envisioning a machine that would take commands by number and respond with like numbers [binary in our language of today]...he was recruited by the British government to help break the code of the German "Enigma" of World War II. Of course, in no time he did accomplish this feat. His invention, today's computer, goes down in history. But, the epilogue of this scholar is what captured my attention. Mr. Turing committed suicide by poisoning an apple at his night stand one evening.  There is one movie quote from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs that Mr. Turing was said to say often.  I won't tell you what the quote have to read the book.  But it IS significant to his life.  He took ONE BITE on the night of June 7th, 1954....hence:

EPILOGUE: There is a modest tribute to Alan Turing at Manchester University where he spent his final nine years of his life....Perhaps the most striking, if possibly coincidental, memorial to the man who invented the first computer, is that anytime anyone looks at an iPhone, iPad, or a MacBook, they find the image of an apple on the back...It is missing a single bite!! 


Of course in school, my art teacher once told his class that white and black are actually NOT colors to an artist. They are 'hues'. Well, lately, I seem to choose black over all "colors". In clothes mostly. And I have a favorite t-shirt I wear all too often. The color? Black!
Bud: "That shirt again? You'd think it'd be threadbare for as often as you wear it!"
Anni: "You know I love tigers!"

What does black say about me? Read more


The sign entering the trailway specifically says "No Bikes".
Yet, just a few yards ahead, what do I see?



It states in our constitution: "In the United States, the pardon power for federal crimes is granted to the President of the United States under Article II, Section 2 of the United States Constitution which states that the President "shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States". If that is the case, I have a question: "Why, then, are top politicians and high officials pushing for President Obama to grant a pardon for Hillary Clinton? According to her statements there is NO crime, and that she committed no offenses to the United States?!!!" In the past so many pardons have been given without any further investigations, for instance Pres. Ford/Pres. Nixon,  to help the country move on with governing the land  My opinion back then, and still today, it's all kinds of wrong.  It makes commoners think [and perhaps the person in question feel they're 'above the laws of the land']. No one should be above the law!!!'s volatile.  
 Read More ...and more: No Pardon


On the lighter side...

Today's Flower: Sun Kissed Bougainvillea

Serving up....Sushi!!


  1. The flower is simply beautiful!!! Your new book, there is lots of good stuff to learn. Is this an osprey? the wildlife trail couldn't pay me a million dollars to walk through there! I guess it is not watched over by anyone, hence the illegal biker! Is this tiger on your T-shirt? Wow, it is so cool!

    1. Yes, that's on Osprey, Ginny.

      Oh I've seen snakes on the trail a few times. Snakes scare me.

  2. Well people like to bend and brake the rules, hence the biker :D Really love the cloud shot!

    Mersad Donko Photography

    1. BREAKing the rules is just something we have to ignore...but I still don't have to like it. I hold my tongue. LOL

  3. I love the shirt and I wear black and charcoal a lot myself, Even with owning three large dogs, I just really would rather wear the hue of clack...hmm, looks like a colour to me ;)
    For we in our family, feel that Hillary Clinton has been scrutinized, investigated enough and it has cost the government millions already in legal fees, and nothing if anything has come from them. There was a time many years ago, that for whatever reason, I had to contact Mrs. Clinton's office about a personal matter and I must say, everyone that I had to go through, including Mrs. Clinton was absolutely professional in the several contacts made. We are Independent and Vote both parties, and this has been a pathetic campaign for both sides. We are concerned about the incoming President and his campaign rhetoric was deplorable,along with his attachments to two world leaders that are quite frightening, yet we give everyone a chance to prove themselves. Life in America is about freedom of speech and we sure got a dose from him on the campaign trail..hoping for a gentler man in the White House. Hugs to you Anni and keep wearing black and that Tiger shirt~

    1. Oh's a hand wash, so I'll be soaking it again real soon. LOL Just to keep Bud on his toes so he can cluck his tongue and shake his head in disbelief. LOL

      I too have quite a bit of charcoal, but black always catches my eye when shopping.

  4. Now that book looks fascinating. I think I'll have to get it from the library. I had heard that story about Turing and Apple Computers before. Some have said it is an urban myth, so I'll have to check it out. You have such an interesting post here, filled with everything! :-)

    1. Others have said the bite of the apple represents "BYTES". But I tend to like the Turing reference better.

  5. beautiful bougainvillea and it is not bob's friend.. he battles it and it wins. I wondered why the apple has a bite out on the apple logo, now we know. I have worn a lot of black all my life, I love black and I love black and white. and most of my tops have some black.. I love dark blue and denim and that is what my closet has in it. I do love red, but for some reason plus size red is not there for me

    1. I always kinda assumed it represented the byte. But I like the Turing thought better.

      Oh yes, I know that bush is a mean sucker!!!

  6. Black has never been one of my choices for clothing. It always showed a stray blond hair or horse, dog and cat hairs, which we had plenty! I hate it that people don't follow rules. The book is definitely on my list to get and your blog is very stimulating!! Good information!!

    1. Thanks Ms. always say such sweet, kind words when you visit. And I understand about the 'hairs' on black. Winston, our persian, was white y'know. LOL

  7. This about black was very interesting to me. In fact I was looking for something in black for my bedroom wall. Already have an arrangement of small black framed mirrors on one wall. Have a lot of black in my kitchen where I used to use yellow and lavender in my bedroom.

    1. I had a black bathroom....and loved it.

  8. That book sounds very interesting. I tend to wear a lot of black too - don't know what that means but it's supposed to be slimming. :)
    I agree with you on pardons.
    I thought of you today. I was in town near a mall, so it was busy. As I came to a stoplight and stopped I noticed a big hawk sitting on top of the light. A funny place for it but so majestic and I thought "Anni would love to see this!"

    1. It is definitely slimming. Personally, I like that it makes my hair look more 'silver' than a drab yellowish gray. rofl

      Oh I would have loved seeing the hawk...majestic indeed.

  9. The book you are reading sounds great. How interesting that Apple uses the apple with one bite out of it for their logo.
    I'm always irritated by people who can't follow the rules like the guy on that bike. There's a huge craft show we go to and in the advertising it states no strollers yet the place is always full of them.
    As for the pardoning of crimes. I like the old saying that if you can't do the time then don't do the crime. And that should apply to anyone no matter how important they or anyone else thinks they are.

    1. I haven't heard that expression time/crime in eons!!! But you're right and the saying is right on.

  10. To answer your question about the hats on my snowmen and penguins, they are also socks.

    1. Socks? Really? That is just plain genius!!

    2. aaaahhh i just typed out the longest comment ever and it disappeared! anyways, i love the sunkissed bougainvillea...i will spare you the rest of my commentary having to do with books and the guy on the bike who doesn't think the rules apply to him! hope you had a great thanksgiving!!

    3. and thank you for linking with willy nilly!!