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MOVIE REVIEW   We saw a newly released movie, Hacksaw Ridge , on Monday. It's based on a true story of a WWII medic who was assigned to a rifle battalion during the Battle of Okinawa, CPL Desmond Doss . He was the first CO [conscientious objector] to receive a Medal of Honor! If you don't know what a CO is, I'll explain. First of all, Doss, as I stated above was assigned to a RIFLE company [Army] during the war. At his training, he refused to even touch a gun - which makes him labeled a conscientious objector. Of course he was ridiculed and beaten by his comrades AND his platoon leader at this time. Finally, during a court martial hearing, the Constitution came into the hearing, allowing him to serve his his case, as a Medic. During the battle of Okinawa [at Hacksaw Ridge], he saved 75 with above and beyond his duty status...all the time, not firing or without use of a rifle. Eventually, he was wounded and sent back to the United States... rec

Among the Fields of Gold...

SWAYING IN THE AUTUMN BREEZE Oftentimes; mainly on my bird photography blog, I mention day trips to Port Aransas [pronounced uh RAN sus] on Mustang Island. Again, oftentimes, I make reference to Charlie's Pasture [aka Aransas Nature Preserve] where I walk the 2 mile boardwalk and gravel paths. The other day, I had to stop and admire the Autumn grasses in the sunlight. The slight breeze making the blades/seed glisten! It was a quiet morning, with only birdsong heard. I enjoyed it all. I thought I'd take a few photos to show you the area. The pavilion seen in the background, in March, the swallows return to nest each and every year.  Also, to the right from the pavilion, hidden from the photo, is a rather large pond where egrets, herons, ducks, spoonbills, grebes can be found feeding on the catch of the day.  Behind the structure, along the path on the backside which takes you along the ship channel to a community park, there are park benches to sit and view the scener

Life's A Beach - aka Your Tax Dollars At Work

I really couldn't come up with an appropriate title for what I'm about to divulge here in combination of my photos and such. A Duo title [with an AKA] is the best I could do... LIFE'S A BEACH   I spent the good part of the morning one day this week along NORTH Padre Island.  I didn't want the crowds to contend with so I opted to drive the extra miles to Padre Island National Seashore [national, there is a charge per vehicle except  for those that have the Federal Parks Pass].  Not too many pay the fee.  Other than a family of tourists, I was the only one there...nice!!  It was a blustery day. Light winds, but the sea was somewhat turbulent. I surmised it was because of the hurricane OTTO along the southern branch of Old Mexico stirring up the surf somewhat. Anyway as I walked along the shore, I was treated to a pod [the term used for a large group] of brown pelicans...     Your Tax Dollars At Work I parked the car at the visitor'


No copyright infringement intended...this is for the purpose of 'walking down memory lane'.. .. Our hostess, special lady, and fellow Texan, announced last weekend that she will be stepping down from GOOD FENCES linking meme. The news saddens me, but I can truly understand that the job of hosting a meme each and every week becomes a chore after a long time of keeping up with each and everyone who joins in, with such a large amount of participants!!!. Theresa's realm began on March 27, 2014. With this to say: " Welcome to the Good Fences link-up which will open here every Thursday morning. Thank you, Jan, at Life According to Jan and Jer, for handing off the baton of Friday's Fences which she began and ran for two years. Since I'm opening the link on Thursday mornings instead of evenings, I've renamed the meme to Good Fences, as in Robert Frost's saying, "Good fences make good neighbors." Anyone who has ever had livestock (or livestoc

A Walk on the "WILD"life Side....

Now through September of 2017 our city's Botanical Gardens have a new display along the trail. At the end of the last Nature's Brushstrokes [local art] exhibit in September of this year,  there is currently a new exposĂ© throughout the Nature Trail; it's of " Wildlife in Focus "...featuring 150 winning photos. of you guessed it...wildlife in Texas. Bud and I perused the trail to view them this past week.  Each canvas board has photos and explains scientific -of interest- points about the state's existing and photographed subjects.  For instance... Photos explain clearly how camouflage is nature's protection!!.... How Many Moths Can YOU Find? Can You See The  Spider? ...Birds and Tortoises Lizards and Iguanas can be seen here also... TEGU Black and White Argentine Lizards [ Tegu ] to be more specific. And Iguanas of different colors. I took several photos since the lighting was pretty good that day. I also tried to