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Celebrating and Remembering...

Day of the Dead tattoos, paintings, portraits, murals and altars are all common commemorations of an important celebration in the Mexican as well as South and Central American traditions. Known widely as the Halloween of Latin America, the Day of the Dead is a holiday that sets time aside for those who have fallen before us. I Went to the Day of the Dead Festival over the weekend...this is what I saw. The majority I asked permission [some from parents] from everyone allowing me to photograph them: Skulls, as in skeletons, sugar skulls, ceramics, face painting are 'essential'. The meaning behind it is a way to accept that loved ones that have passed on are no longer among the living in the flesh, but a reminder that they are still alive in spirit; adorning with bright dress, instruments such as guitars, etc. A face that is half flesh - half skull represents the ongoing cycle of life This one was my favorite! Here's more: Band music is heard miles be

Haunting, the Dead, St. Nicholas...Thoughts of an Eclectic Nature

WANNA SNIFF? I'm sure a lot of you bloggers have noticed a message in your comments from Jerry B. He has taken on a huge, time consuming, task. And it's worthy of giving it a look see!!! His new site, called SITE HOUND SNIFFS is a vast listing of blogs... all listed in categories!! I've been honored [both Hootin' Anni's and I'd Rather B Birdin'] to be added to the growing list. Check it out sometime soon...and take time to view some sites he has listed...don't forget to send along a note of thanks and appreciation for all his many hours of work!!  By the way, the image here is from the site...I hope I'm not infringing...I think it's adorable and needs to be seen more than just on Jerry's site.  After all, it's a valuable asset at our fingertips. DAY OF THE DEAD - flowers too ...well, it isn't until October 31st thru November 2nd, but our city will begin celebrating with a street fair, parade and more on the 29t