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What Did I Hear? Is That RAIN on the Rooftop?!?!!

WEATHER Altho, it's been hot and miserable most of the I type this [on Tuesday] finally RAINED!!! Last night and into early morning. The clouds remain heavy and dark, promising more rain perhaps. I can only hope!! Yesterday, on Monday, it was cloudy with a threat of rain, but no go. At least where I was. I actually left early in the morning, as the sun was rising among the darkened clouds, to return to Pollywog Ponds since there was a report of an Anhinga , and a Green Kingfisher spotted in the area. Around our neck of the woods, at one time, Anhingas were abundant along the river bank and near the lakes if there happened to be a heavily wooded area. Lately, the last three years, Anhingas seen are a very few! I was anxious to see one again. But, no such luck. I walked through the woods and tall grasses on the path again only to find a HUGE garden spider in the bird blind on the smaller pond! Yuk!! Creepy looking boogers. Advancing toward the pon

Sultry in the Morning, Sultry in the Evening....Sultry at Suppertime!!

POLLYWOG PONDS Walking early one morning before the heat of the day pounded me to retreat indoors, I ventured on a short road trip to one of my favorite haunts. Pollywog Ponds. I was expecting very little in bird life since we're in a drought, and hoped I'd see no water moccasins or coral snakes in the vicinity...they've been reported seen there recently. I didn't see any snakes of any kind at all much to my happiness. But, I also didn't find much water in the ponds! There are two, one smaller and one larger - the East Pond depicted on the map has been dried and re-forested instead. The smaller of the ponds was nearly dried up; sadly! ... as seen in the above photo. The 2nd pond before you come to its northern bank and the Nueces River, was only partially full [half full or half empty, whichever way you want to see it]. The usual, resident bird species, could be seen here and there. Some at the water, while others flitting in the trees and heard singing

Hawk Hunt - Part II

In my previous post I mentioned along the country back roads in our area that there are many small farm houses and several ranch homes. I took a couple photos of this gate, fence, house and stone wall in the background [the 2nd photo has the tail of a horse at the far right].... - - - PADRE ISLAND NATIONAL SEASHORE Back in the city, we kept driving toward the islands with our destination being the National Seashore [a Federal park]. In the trip's entire drive [coming and going to the park] we saw only ONE hawk, perched high on the power lines. Another White Tailed Hawk . As soon as we pulled over to take a photo of it, it swooped down off the line and in a blink of an eye, it was too far away for the lens without the zoom. We stopped at the beach and walked for about an hour along the shore. This part of the park, where we turned around to go back to the car, is located in an adjacent county... Kleberg County [also named for a family associated with King Ranch, son in