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Long Hot Summer - People Watching

Looking South toward Old Mexico As I sat at the covered tables near the beach, I watched the people and sipped from my bottle of icy, refreshing, water. I watched people,  through my lens , from so many walks of life. I really enjoy this quiet time after my walks... THE PIER From around and under the long fishing pier, the sea was a bit choppy at times... ...the fishermen were beginning to line up along the pier railings [again I used my zoom to move in on the trio]: SURF BOARDS AND KEYBOARDS FAMILY FUN AND QUIET REFLECTION

The LONG Hot Summer...

With 85°F upon waking up these days around 5/6 a.m., I sigh in hopes of a cold front moving through, but alas, I honestly want to just go back to bed and sleep through the summer heat. I know darned well the temp will just climb up and up. Two days in a row by mid afternoon, it's reached ABOVE the century mark.  It's the price we Texans pay for the other three beautiful seasons!!  But, on Wednesday this week, I couldn't take it any longer. The early morning sky was cloudy, the temp, yes...STILL HOT, but the overcast was better than full sun. I drove to the beach in hopes of enjoying some of the sea breeze. Upon arrival, the wind was brisk, the waves were quite progressive at times. I walked, and walked and walked. Easily reached my goal of 10K steps in no time. Thing is tho, it wasn't a continual walk; stopping to watch birds and waves, and people. At least I wasn't a shut-in any longer. As I walked along the shore listening to the beating and rhythm

Chew Chew Twain

BLOGGER FEATURE If you've recently noticed in Blogger Admin, you can now add a "Featured Post" to your blog. Of course when I see anything telling me I can do something "new", I'm all for trying it out. And it's simple! Login, go to Blogger Layout,  click Gadget + ...find "featured post gadget" select where you want your featured post to show up in your layout design [I did it for the sidebar with my recent flower post]. After your gadget opens, Blogger will give you several posts from which to choose. Make your choice of the post you want featured, and your preferences on how it will be displayed....scroll down, and save. Go back to your blog and check it out. You can rearrange it by returning to the Layout. It may be a feature I like. We'll see. It might be what I call a 'come in handy'. At some point, I think it would be a nifty idea to feature an exceptional post you see OTHER than your own blog. But, that's


WEST GUTH PARK This park, with 50+ acres, situated off Up River Road [The Nueces River is nearby], along the Interstate 37 corridor...near the outskirts of Corpus Christi, Texas is one of the nicest parks. It is hilly, giving a walker a good work-out.  AND YES, IT'S QUITE 'BROWN' because of the lack of rainfall once again!!  There is a Senior Center, a swimming pool, a duck pond, many many many picnic areas for the family, a professional 18 whole disc golf course [explained by photos below], playgrounds, tennis courts, covered BBQ pits, paved trails, wide-open grassy knolls, and throughout the year, lots of birds frequent the dense trees of oak, willow, cottonwood and cypress. Spending hours here, just walking and enjoying the outdoors, is easily accomplished. WEST GUTH PARK DISC GOLF COURSE The history of disc golf is closely tied to the history of the recreational flying disc (especially as popularized by the trademarked Frisbee). The first known instance of any