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ONE:   A few left comments about the QR code reader that I mentioned some time ago to which I became addicted. Well, the whole purpose of my installing it on my smartphone was for one purpose . Nearly EACH page in the latest book I read had recordings of birdsong from the author as shown in the image here. I'll explain later. But some comments left for me also mentioned that they had troubles with the QR code reader...I can honestly say, some apps are better than others. I found this one and it worked perfectly. BUT there is a little thing to remember...keep your reader steady...keep your reader where the scanner is center to the code...and have patience. Once the scanner automatically will send you to a website/ In this case, it was an audio file. Okay, so now let me continue... TWO:   I'm just now getting around to reviewing the book I finished over a week ago, Listening to a Continent Sing, by author Donald Kroodsma, I must say the TransAmerican [tr

Sunday Morning....Part III

Remember, the history of this area where I call home was not incorporated as a city of Texas until, unlike the "Old World" with history dating back centuries ago,  we are the "New World"!! Within the Park's Boundaries, there is a beer garden [behind the fencing] and a rose garden At the American Bank Center and the seawall, I turned to walk a more westerly direction. I was now facing toward what the city has dubbed the area ahead of me by a few blocks, Heritage Park. Here, through many decades of occasional house moving, old, historic homes have been relocated into one section of land...all with Texas State Historical Markers [which you should be able to read about each one if interested; click to enlarge]. Walking the brick pathway I stopped at, and photographed, nine homes for this post:  Some excerpts have been re-edited by me for shorter length... excerpt:  "The French family settled in Corpus Christi in 1882, owner was a

Sunday Morning [Part II]

Getting past the museum and Harbor Playhouse, I take off to the east. From behind me off my right shoulder is part of the Convention/Culture Center in town. Then, look 90 degrees right from the ship channel, the layout of the city's seawall and perhaps a 3+ mile walkway toward the t-heads and marina. A short walk and you can set your foot on the beginning of Interstate Highway 37...and at that very corner, the Federal Courthouse... ...but look toward the bay. Here, behind the museum you can get a good glimpse of the large ships, tugboats, sailing vessels, shrimpers.  [photo 6 of the smaller ship series, the cargo ship is just about to sail UNDER the Harbor Bridge into the Port of Call area] Along the way taking off to the southwest you can see joggers, bikers, benches to stop and watch the people or the same benches you can turn and face the sea, shorebirds, several bayside miradors [gazebos], date palms, flowering trees, the American Bank Center [the glas