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Here and There, Over Yonder, This and That...

Up on a grassy knoll, near where the river drains into the north bay, I spied this beautiful scene. I had to pull off onto the shoulder amid heavy trucking traffic, behind the oil refineries, and snap a few photos... - - - After heavy rains, the Texas Sage Bush in our yard blooms. It attracts bees!!! - - - Up on the housetop the herons land. Look closely at the next to last image of the house's widow walk - above the treetop to the far left... - - - ...we've had a lot of temperamental sky drama the last couple of weeks!! - - -  I drew this. And I entitled it 'READ MY LIPS' - - - At the time of the showings on TV, I didn't get to view NCIS , NCIS New Orleans , and GRIMM finales. I watched them online last week. Special Agent DiNozzo is now a father and has left the program all together. I will miss him surely, but perhaps this program also needs a 'face lift'. NCIS New Orleans was good...keeping my interests p

Haiku in Triplet...

Living by the sea and the storms that make angry take on a whole new meaning, I tried to convey the beginning and the end. Making it a happy ending!!   A traditional Haiku must have 5/ 7 /5 syllables in three lines - that's more challenging than expected!!  Still... Kinda 'cheesy' but none-the-less, here's my story.  With a 'musical' tone... Beacon cloaked in fate Squall slays, consumes; devours Tempest...Crescendo Sounds of passage ebb Percussion, tide, diminish Tempo...Interlude Melody, descant Aria, quiescent rest Cacophony...Song Photos used are not mine...they're from a Google free image search and then I used a filter in my paintshop pro to have a bit of 3-D effect; like oil paintings. Images may be subject to copyright, but NO infringement intended. Artists unknown.

CONCLUSION - Tale of Two Sisters

I tried to keep the routine of walking... a lot for exercise! One morning, early, as the sun came up, this beauty graced my time at a park on the island!! BEFORE Sharon was up for the day. The last couple of days with my sister by my side, she wanted to go see the Gulf, the Bay, and find the "Red Bird"!! One sunny morning we walked the seawall and then had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. We both ordered Coconut Shrimp. What we should've done was order just ONE basket and shared...there was way too much for one person to eat in each basket of shrimp. Delicious, but with 10 large butterflied shrimp per order...neither of us could finish our meal. Along the seawall, we stopped at the yacht club and watched the shrimp boats come in...stopped to read some of the landmark markers along the way, and enjoyed the sea breeze, the pelicans and gulls, the ships coming into harbor, and people watching. Being outdoors, in the humid, hot air, we never stayed long. So our

Tale of Two Sisters - Part III

Historic FULTON MANSION Exterior Front, Fountain, Exterior Back Rockport, Texas   I took Sharon to Rockport/Fulton Texas one day while she was visiting.  We toured an historical mansion of the Fulton family which is located in the small coastal town of Rockport.  To help out a bit, Rockport and Fulton merge together making it one town.  As you drive along the highway at one spot, you're in Rockport , cross the intersection at the same area and you're in Fulton . Together, the combined population hovers around 10,000 residents. It's popular to the Winter Texans [those who reside here during the winter months while their homes up north are snowy and cold!]. Fishing, camping, birding [well known for the Spring Hummingbird Festival] and museums are the norm. Just a few miles across the bay is Goose Island State Park .  First stop was the Mansion's Visitor Center.... ...I will keep the images small in size for loading time. They can be enl