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Today, this post has been pre-scheduled to publish on Sunday Morning.  This past week has been one I didn't enjoy much. Taxes, - 2 hours and 44 minutes on the phone with IRS [most of that time was being put on hold for one reason or another!! Ugh!!!!!] Then, my heart rhythms began acting up one day...called Cardiologist...waiting return calls etc. - I had to get harnessed with a holter monitor again...haven't heard the results of that as of this posting.  And to top it off a bout of stomach flu that lasted for a few days.  I'm still not up to par; hence the scheduled post since I may not be feeling up to much in the days ahead...

Okay...'nough of small talk...

Moving on:

Since I didn't feel much up to doing anything like driving, birding the past week, I will use some photos in my tale from the previous week instead. I spent quite a bit of time lazing on the couch watching movies and TV series DVDs while recouping from the flu. One afternoon, I happened to look out the glass doors on the back wall of the living room, from the couch, and spied a migrant visitor pouncing along our flower bed stone wall, down to the lawn...even tho the photos are from my cellphone camera and looking through the glass panes, I'll add some here...

Among the ruckus and feeding frenzy of the cardinals, sparrows, doves and red-winged blackbirds....A Kentucky Warbler came to the diner!

- - -

Random photos here that I found in my folders and on the news this week. Oftentimes, I try to see 'objects' in nature that really isn't cloud formations, and a leaf that looks like a heart or a rock that resembles anything BUT a rock....things like that. This time around, I remember walking through the dense wooded area of one of our parks in town, following the song of an unknown bird and trying to spot it, when I looked down to the base of the huge tree and saw this. It made me think of a mud-encrusted elephant's foot after the elephant came out of the muddy riverbed, stepping onto the riverbank. Does it you?   Maybe a rhino?  You decide...

The other photo I will add today is of a news story I've been following for some time now.  It's about a set of triplets that were born in our locality...thing is, two of the triplets were co-joined.  They have been taken care of, diligently, by the doctors and nursing staff at our Children's Hospital in the city.  For months, the option of separating the twins was imminent.  As I followed with bitter sweet updates...the parents, the 3rd of the set of triplets, the family, the doctors/nurses/the news media, the people of the city coming together in prayer for these two little girls...

This photo has become a viral image on the internet.  A longer than twelve hour operation to separate the sisters was on a Friday.  Both girls doing well, the other has had kidney problems [one kidney already removed after the 1st operation to separate them].  Now, as of this posting, the little  one is back for more kidney surgery to, hopefully, mend and correct the critical situation.  I wanted to show you this poignant image.  It's NOT MINE...but so worthy of showing it to you.  It's of the doctor and nursing staff in prayer, holding hands...just prior to the beginning of the surgery on the little girls.

In the News

- - -

FENCE [more like railing this week]

Near the very same park, across the street, some old, historic houses remain in existence. Most of them are now owned by law offices. Along any part of the seacoasts in America, at one time, the roof structure seen here with the fence railings was added to the homes - most often near the home's chimney. This was a purposeful work to assist the owners with chimney fires....this way they had access to the rooftop and were able to pour sand down the chimney to put out chimney fires. Also, legend has given this structure a title....'WIDOW'S WALK'. Romanticists tend to think this is where the woman of the household would walk the walk in search her longtime gone to sea sailor/lover man of the house...watching for their return.

- - -


Passion Flower & yard cactus blossom

Tree Blossoms & water lily

- - -


A couple of sky images....2nd photo is: Early morning near a boat channel on Mustang Island.  1st photo is: Of course this channel area is filled with fishermen from dawn to dusk, and the brown pelicans know it...looking for hand-outs....


  1. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hope you are back in tip top shape in no time.
    Love that shot of the pelican.

  2. I hope you are feeling better in no time too..The image of the OR staff in prayer is poignant..I remember times our staff would group together in a similar fashion..I also love the brown pelican looking for a handout :-)

  3. LOVE the pelican in flight, my favorite bird. i see an entire elephant in that root, there is even a trunk between the two feet, it is a smusched mutant elephant. i have a cat and a bunny in the tile in my bathroom. every time i sit on the throne, i stare at the cat and bunny. i even tried to take a photo but it doesn't show. sorry to hear yu have been ill, talking to the tax guys and staying on hold is enough to make a person ill without the dreaded flu bug... hope you are feeling better today

  4. Wishing you a much better week. Hoping you're up to par soon! I too enjoyed the photo of the pelican in flight! God bless!!

  5. That brown pelican photo is AMAZING!!!! I hope that you are having a good Sunday.

  6. Perhaps you will be feeling better very soon and venture out for more birding and flowering shots. I sure hope so. The fly over of the brown pelican is a wonderful picture! Be well!

  7. Well done, appreciate you sharing

  8. You did really well getting a post together. I also am recovering from the stomach flu and I just put up a note saying "no post today" because I just couldn't deal with it. Finally able to keep some food down. :-)

  9. Looks like everything went well and enjoyable, except be putting on hold with the IRS.
    I wish when you call any government agency they had better handling there calls. But I don't see it changing over night either.

    Coffee is on

  10. I do hope that you will be back to yourself and feeling great soon. It is good to see that hospital staff take the time to pray before a surgery.God,after all,is the ultimate Healer.

  11. Praying you are feeling better soon! I love the photo of the staff praying.

  12. The photo of the staff praying is very powerful.

  13. Hi Anni. Sending my best wishes for your speedy recovery.

  14. I shall send you the best get well wishes dear Anni, and I hope that your heart gets the right beat going and stays that way for many years! The random birds are very nice, but like you shared, how poignant an image is the one of the surgical crew praying before the surgery of the little conjoined girls...I lift them all up, including you~

  15. Hope today finds you feeling much better. Love the Kentucky Warbler. I'm doing fine. Had a rough patch last year. I had to admit I was in a very bad marriage and got out. It hasn't been easy. Hopeing to get back to blogging more. Take care of yourself.

  16. I hope you are feeling OK now Anni -- take care! You know you're a bird whisperer when that beautiful warbler comes to visit you when you're sick! Those -- and all of the pics from your archives -- are beautiful as always.

  17. Anni that dang IRS phone call is horrid. After my Dad passed we were in charge of his taxes etc. Daddy had a CPA who did everything Daddy just took the info in. We rec'd correspondence from IRS with ?? after 2014 taxes. CPA told me to cold them to see what they wanted. I later learned this was a ploy on his part to buy more time. I didn't have TAX id number HE did. So in the end he had to call. He was on hold for 50 minutes (and I'm sure working while on hold) he billed me 650.00 for being on hold. That tells me his billable hour is $650.00 and the error was 1/2 his for not asking Daddy something and 1/2 Daddy's for not remembering to tell him. Thank goodness this was the last time we had to file taxes.

    I sure do hope you feel better soon. I've been amazed by all the crazy viruses running around in April. I always thought they were over by spring.
    Take care and rest
    Hugs madi and cecilia

  18. Taxes and flu.... Double yuck...I hope the monitor doesn't show any problems..Please feel better...Great photos..Michelle