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You may have read before that I frequent cemeteries during this time of year. For one purpose....yep, you guessed search for birds. This past week, instead of turning into the 'popular' birding area of Rose Hill Cemetery, I kept going a bit further down the road to a fenced off section of an OLDER part...called Holy Cross Cemetery. Here, I found several different birds [the first bird found is barely seen in the 6th photo from the beginning...see if you can spot it!]. And mainly focused on a 'new' family of European Starlings...

Of course, with historical cemeteries, I always have to walk the premises to read the tombstones. And since the camera was readied for any bird activities, I focused on some of the markers to show the decaying and the broken memories within the area--

HOLY CROSS CEMETERY Located at Up River Road and Palm Drive just off Leopard.

The oldest part of the cemetery was known as Mt. Calvary. It is now included in, or known as, the Old Holy Cross Cemetery. Some older cemetery maps show that it was closed by law at one time due to a yellow fever epidemic. Many of the tombstones bear record of tragedies in the local history such as diseases, the Civil War, and the hurricane of 1919, and reflect birthplaces of England, Ireland, and Mexico. The names of approximately 6450 people buried in this cemetery were determined. The earliest death date was 1855. 

3927 interments - over 6,000 buried. The earliest birth eligible is 1797.

While walking the premises, meandering here and there through the winding and narrow roads by foot, I heard several cardinals, mockingbirds, woodpeckers and starlings. Several times I flushed out the always hidden chuck will's widow...never to get a photo of one....they zoom away all too quickly! UNLESS you can sneak up on them. I spotted a hummingbird, but by the time I got my camera up to aim and focus the lens, it took a dive in the dense oak leaves to not be found again. I heard a monk parakeet while watching a family of starlings in a hollowed out palm tree...with parents busy feeding them. The parakeet left through the undergrowth of the oak and palm trees toward the road...I did not follow where it went. I was busy focusing on the starling activity:

As the migration happening around the Coastal Bend slowly comes to a close for the season [Maybe another week but the numbers are dwindling to a precious few as the birds are moving out; northward], I may find a bit more time to publish more blog posts in the future. The past month or so has been finding me out early in the morning, each and EVERY morning. I've found and photographed many! A few 'new' ones for my records like the upland sandpiper, a clapper rail, a grasshopper sparrow and more. It's exciting stuff! So far since January 1st of the year, I have photographed 192 different birds species....


  1. Thank you for this enjoyable post

  2. I love old cemeteries! Who would have thought it was a good place for birding? Great photos!

  3. I LOVE your new header. I find old cemeteries fascinating. There are a couple around that I've been wanting to walk through but just never seem to find the time. I enjoyed the series of pictures of the Starlings

  4. I have spent many happy hours in old cemetery in Savannah Ga. but i had no camera back then and was afraid of birds. i have no memory of seeing birds but i know they were there because it is on the banks of the Savannah river... i would like to take my camera there now.... it is called Bonaventure. i do love all these old tombstones. there is a sadness and a peacefulness in the really old ones. the graves in Bonaventure start as far back as 1771 i think. 100 acres of beauty

  5. You have managed to capture quite a few birds, as usual. Very interesting old cemetery, too. :-)

  6. Your walks almost always reveal interesting and touching subjects. The birds prevail on your walks but the scenery is sometimes unusual to me.

  7. I really enjoyed these photos. I love to frequent cemeteries, mostly for the statues and artistic headstones.

  8. One of our favorite things to do is walking the country cemeteries, but soon it will be too hot.

  9. Hi Anni, wanted to answer your question from my blog. The burlap pieces (Liberty and the flag) came ready made like that. All I did was glue them on to the wood.

  10. Hallo Anni, I love your photos. Very nice post. I wish you a good week!

  11. I love your header also. I have been known to wander anywhere there may be birds, you seem to get birds on all your walks! We have an old cemetary here that I like with old gold miners, writers and important people, artists and so on. Sometimes the waves of the ocean go right up on it.

  12. Wonderful shots - all of them.

  13. These are beautiful! I wouldn't have thought of look for birds at a cemetery! Much fun.